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Track runs, bike rides, walks, and fitness workouts with AllSport GPS for iPhone. Try out the free AllSport GPS LE or upgrade to our full-featured AllSport GPS for more workout tools and exclusive content from the editors of Bicycling magazine.

With AllSport GPS you can:

  • Track rides, runs, and other workouts on a map.
  • Turn your iPhone into a GPS. AllSport GPS uses the phone's built-in GPS and it works in places with no cell coverage.
  • Jam to your favorite tunes during workouts.
  • Download street, aerial, and trail maps wirelessly to your iPhone.
  • Collect fitness stats (time, speed, distance traveled, and calories burned).
  • Send trips from your phone to our map-based website, then share with friends and social networks, including Facebook.
  • Customize the touch screen to display specific workout stats.
  • Store weekly, monthly, and annual workouts. Compare workouts online too.
  • View speed and elevation graphs.
  • Upload editor-approved bike rides and runs wirelessly to your iPhone. (paid version only).
  • Plan out workouts using online maps on our site, then upload that workout seconds later to your iPhone. (paid only).
  • Race against your best times or others (paid only).
  • Get audio cues as your workout progresses (paid only).

How to Start (3 easy steps!)

  1. Download Allsport GPS or AllSport GPS LE from the AppStore to your phone.
  2. Launch AllSport GPS.
  3. Login with your website account (username/password) or create a new account.

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