Storey Burn Loop 

Combine the Gales Creek trail, Storey Burn Trail and the Gravelle Brothers trail for this 8.5 mile loop thru dense coastal range second growth forests and open views of the Wilson River Valley in the Tillamook State Forest

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Author: ClaudioB
Date: 23 May 2010 9:30:33 AM
Source: GPX file
Activity: Hiking
State: Oregon (OR)
Distance: 8.22 mi  (Change units)
Average Speed: 1.8 mph - 0:32:50/mi
Duration: Total: 4:30:00
GPS Elevation: Total Gain: 1396 ft
Total Loss: 1389 ft
Net Change: 6 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Oregon, Tillamook State Forest
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

This hike combines three trails in the recently developed trail system in the Tillamook State Forest. Although most of these trails are open to mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking, solitude is almost guaranteed as most bikers would prefer to do the Rogers Camp Trails.
Start the hike on the trailhead located on the Northwest corner of the parking lot. For the first 0.8 miles, the trail steadily climbs thru a fern covered slope above the Gales Creek. On this first section, you’ll cross two log bridges over small tributaries to the Creek. Right after the second log bridge, you’ll find the Storey Burn trail junction to the left.
For the next 2.3 miles, the trail continues up thru a typical coastal forest with second growth Douglas Fir, Hemlocks, Cedar and Maple. On the way, you’ll first cross a small creek and then, about a mile after the junction, you’ll find a small, very picturesque, stair-step waterfall. From that point on, the trail continues up to the junction with the Storey Burn road.
Once you get to the Storey Burn road, you’ll notice a dirt track directly opposite the point you came out off. Follow that track to a seldom used parking lot for the upper Storey Burn Trailhead. You’ll find the trail on the west side right behind the trail sign.
From here, the scenery changes a bit as you go up and down with open views of the Wilson River Canyon and the valleys of the Tillamook Forest. At about 4 miles, you’ll reach the high point of the trail; unfortunately, there’s no resting place or view point for a quick stop. From this point, the trail starts descending towards Highway 6. About 0.2 miles after passing under the bridge, continue straight crossing the ATV track.
The next 0.5 miles will have a complete different scenery as the trail crosses the muddy flats around Elliot Creek. In this area you’ll find a large mix of deciduous trees and maybe tracks of passing Elk, Deer or even Black bears. Once you get to the trail junction, turn left on the Gravelle Brothers Trail and climb a couple hundred yards to an old jeep road. Turn left again and follow the road to the ODOT facility.
At the ODOT facility, turn right and go around until you reach the road to Rogers Camp. Instead of going the dangerous way along Hwy6, take the road up and follow the signs to Rogers Camp. Once you get to the parking lot look to your left for a log marking the border. Behind this log, there’s a foot path that leads back down to Hwy6 to a safer spot across from the Summit Trailhead. Look both ways and carefully cross the highway and follow the sign towards the trailhead.
Once back on the trail, you’ll descend steeply to the Low Divide Creek. The trail continues for about 2 miles with gentle ups and downs as it follows the creek back in the direction of the parking lot. Near the end, at the fork, you can take either route as both will meet again before the foot bridge over the Low Divide Creek as you get back to your car.

TO TRAILHEAD: From Portland, take Hwy26 west to the coast and the turn left onto Hwy6 towards Tillamook. Near milepost 35 turn right on a well signed road to Gales Creek Campground. Day use parking is on the left about 1 mile in.

Position Format: Datum:

Storey Burn Loop

Distance: 8.22 mi Points: 1826
Total Time: 2:10:01 Speed: 3.8 mph Pace: 15:48 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 3.8 mph Pace: 15:48 / mi

Points of Interest


Location: 45.642158, -123.359342
Start on the Gales Creek trailhead on the north side of the parking lot


Location: 45.642323, -123.371693


Location: 45.642397, -123.372132
Right after the log bridge, turn left to continue on the Storey Burn Trail


Location: 45.640830, -123.380537
Small Creek with log to cross


Location: 45.639189, -123.382026


Location: 45.628327, -123.388507
Cross the Storey Burn road and continue towards the parking lot on the other side


Location: 45.627626, -123.387799
Trail continues on the right behind the sign


Location: 45.616271, -123.386580
Cross the ATV trail and continue on the trail


Location: 45.615693, -123.382945
Turn left on the Gravelle Brothers trail towards Rogers Camp


Location: 45.616129, -123.381827
Join the main trail (keep left)


Location: 45.616444, -123.380918
Turn left and follow the road


Location: 45.619760, -123.378251
Go around the right side of the ODOT shed and stockpile


Location: 45.620866, -123.377584
Turn right on the road towards Rogers Camp


Location: 45.620709, -123.376925
Turn left at the fork


Location: 45.622744, -123.376085
Look for a foot path on the left behing a log barrier


Location: 45.623292, -123.376431
Carefully cross Hwy6. Trail continues on the northern side of the parking area


Location: 45.624311, -123.375276
Trail continues behind trail sign


Location: 45.640735, -123.358223
At the fork, take either route. Both go back to the parking lot


Location: 45.641542, -123.358899
Bridge over Low Divide Creek

Log Bridge

Location: 45.642323, -123.372120
Bridge over un-named creek before fork. At the fork, turn left.

Small creek across the trail

Location: 45.640819, -123.380510


Location: 45.639176, -123.382044

Upper Trailhead

Location: 45.627612, -123.387752
Trail continues behind trail sign on the west side of the parking area

Trail junction with ATV trail

Location: 45.616268, -123.386555
Cross the ATV trail and continue straight

Bleeding hearts

Location: 45.615336, -123.384919

Low Divide Creek

Location: 45.626231, -123.372645

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