Moose Lake (Idaho Forest Trail 237) 

This is a great hike for the entire family. The grades are gradual and the lake is beautiful. Don't forget your insect repellent and a camera - you might even see a moose.

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Author: ExtremeWorldAdventurer
Date: 12 Jun 2010 2:00:00 PM
Source: GPX file
Activity: Hiking
State: Idaho (ID)
Distance: 3.7 mi  (Change units)
Average Speed: 2.5 mph - 0:24:19/mi
Duration: Total: 1:30:00
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 510 ft
Total Loss: 0 ft
Net Change: 510 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Idaho, Kaniksu National Forest, Sandpoint
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Moose Lake is one of three lakes accessed by the Moose Lake trailhead.  After about a half-mile, another trail turns right and continue to Blacktail Lake.  Then at about one mile, a third trail turns left and continues to Lake Estelle.

The trail is 1.85 miles one-way and climbs 540 feet with the highest point being 5,440 feet.  At the lake, there is a second trail (Moose Mountain Trail #237) to turn this into a loop.  Day hikers, backpackers and horseback riders all use this trail.

The trail is in extremely good condition.  The forest service classifies the Moose Lake Trail as a High Use trail.  There is about 50 yards of boardwalk just before the lake.  There are several bridges over the different creek crossings.  There may be deadfall in the early spring, but the forest service will clear the trail before the trail gets too much traffic.

The parking area is large enough for a dozen cars/trucks.  It is not uncommon for a camper to be parked there.  There is a new (as of 2010) single-hole outhouse that is kept clean.

Moose Lake:
There are a few primitive campsites at Moose Lake and one bear locker.  The lake is open to fishing.  The Brook Trout are small but they tend to bite quite well.

This is bear country, so be bear aware!  Both Black Bear and Grizzly inhabit the area.  There are also Moose, Elk, and Deer in the area.

TO TRAILHEAD: From Sandpoint, take Hwy 200 east 12 miles to Trustle Creek Rd 275; turn left onto Rd 275 and go 16 miles to Lightning Creek Rd 419; turn left onto Rd 419 and go 1 mile to Moose Creek Rd 1022; turn right onto Rd 1022 and go 2 miles to the end of the road and the trailhead.

Position Format: Datum:

Moose Lake Trail

Distance: 1.84 mi Points: 2541
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi

Points of Interest

Camping Area

Location: 48.365588, -116.134114
Just before the parking area, there is a small road that you can pull down into and camp out next to Moose Creek.


Location: 48.354809, -116.110210
Picture this out your tent door... Come on, you know you want to pack your bag.

Trailhead Sign

Location: 48.365332, -116.133084
There are three trails that use this same trailhead. All three are great trails with lakes at the end.


Location: 48.365703, -116.133513
This seems strange to take a picture of an outhouse... Well, the outhouse is a new (2010) addition to the trailhead.

First Bridge

Location: 48.364917, -116.132526
Not 100 yards down the trail you come to this little bridge over a creek that has quite a good flow to it.

Trail Conditions

Location: 48.363463, -116.129351
In the early spring, there is still some snow on parts of the trail and the water run-off uses the trail as it's guide down hill.


Location: 48.362494, -116.126390
The trail is in really good condition. Sometimes there's a bit of mud, but it's fairly easy to stay out of.

Blacktail Lake Intersection

Location: 48.361312, -116.123557
Continue straight for Moose Lake. Just past the intersection sign there is a small sign on a tree that has just the number 237 on it. Stay on trail 237.

Blacktail Lake Trail

Location: 48.361283, -116.123367
A right hand turn takes you to Blacktail lake.

Lake Estelle Intersection

Location: 48.360684, -116.118793
Continue straight for Moose Lake. Just past the intersection sign there is a small sign on a tree that has just the number 237 on it. Stay on trail 237.

Lake Estelle Trail

Location: 48.360642, -116.118692
A left turn takes you to Lake Estelle.

Second Bridge

Location: 48.360289, -116.114889
In the spring, this bridge is fun to stand on and just watch the water rush under you. The speed of the water is incredible!

Watch for the Trail

Location: 48.359914, -116.113257
If you are hiking in early spring, there will still be snow on this part of the trail. From this point on the trail is hard to follow if there is a snow pack, so watch for orange trail marking tape in the trees.

Above the Creek

Location: 48.355979, -116.110897
From here up to the lake you will be following Moose Creek. There are a few areas that you will have a good view of the creek.


Location: 48.355165, -116.109878
In the spring the area before the lake gets really soggy, so the forest service put the boardwalk in to make accessing the lake easier. In the summer, the ground dries out.

Bear Locker

Location: 48.354814, -116.109717
In this area, it is a very good idea to keep food (and smelly) items locked up from the big guys. Remember, your protecting the bear and yourself.

Lake View

Location: 48.354638, -116.109213
Even though the lake is called Moose Lake, I've not seen a moose up here yet.

Big Campsite

Location: 48.354622, -116.110060
One of the best campsites of all the lakes up in this area. A big flat grassy area right next to the lake that catches the morning sun... What could be better?

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