Billie Creek Nature Trail 

A short, easy, hike through the woods along a babbling creek. Begins on Rye Spur trail.

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Author: capilot38
Date: 18 Jun 2010 9:36:07 AM
Source: BACKPACKER GPS Trails on my Verizon Wireless verizon Droid
Activity: Hiking
State: Oregon (OR)
Distance: 1.45 mi  (Change units)
Average Speed: 2.3 mph - 0:26:37/mi
Duration: 0:38:37
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 102 ft
Total Loss: 102 ft
Net Change: 0 ft
Difficulty: 1 / 10
Tags: Klamath Falls, Lake of the Woods, Oregon
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

TO TRAILHEAD: Hwy. 140 from Klamath Falls toward Lake of the Woods. Dirt road off highway just after Lake of the Woods turn off,but before mile marker 36.

Position Format: Datum:

Track 1

Distance: 1.45 mi Points: 1246 Calories: 0
Total Time: 0:38:37 Speed: 2.3 mph Pace: 26:37 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 2.3 mph Pace: 26:37 / mi

Points of Interest


Location: 42.393821, -122.220394
Start of Hiking


Location: 42.393821, -122.220395
© capilot38


Location: 42.393845, -122.220443
Start of Hiking

trailmarker for fourmile lake

Location: 42.393421, -122.224000
keep straight for nature trail © capilot38


Location: 42.395218, -122.231315
© capilot38

kids find the tiny bit of snow

Location: 42.393049, -122.229217
© capilot38


Location: 42.392788, -122.228510
© capilot38

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