Mudlick Mountain Backpacking 

Backpacking and camping through 7" of snow up Mudlick Mountain in Sam A. Baker State Park.

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Author: TexasMike
Date: 29 Jan 2010 3:00:00 PM
Activity: Backpacking
State: Missouri (MO)
Distance: 8.72 mi  (Change units)
Average Speed: 0.1 mph - 8:15:22/mi
Duration: Total: 3d 0:00:00
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 1407 ft
Total Loss: 1434 ft
Net Change: -27 ft
Difficulty: 8 / 10
Tags: Missouri, Patterson
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

We drove through deteriorating road conditions in the middle of the snow storm to reach Sam A. Baker state park Friday afternoon.  We then hiked up to shelter 1 and slept there for the night.  Day 2 we woke up and hiked to shelter 3 where we left our heavy gear and then headed to the summit of Mudlick mountain.  After some time ontop we trailblazed straight down the west side of the mountain rather than following any trail.  We then followed the valley floor back north and hiked back up to shelter 3 for the night where our gear was.  Day 3 we woke up and hiked back down to the waiting Jeep. 

Position Format: Datum:

Mudlick combined

Distance: 8.72 mi Points: 1660
Total Time: 1d 18:19:04 Speed: 0.2 mph Pace: 4:51:09 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.2 mph Pace: 4:51:09 / mi

Points of Interest


Location: 37.259982, -90.507216

Shelter 3

Location: 37.273780, -90.523739
We spent night 2 here

Shelter 1

Location: 37.270262, -90.518417
We spent night 1 here

Mudlick Mountain

Location: 37.261792, -90.524468

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