Little Payette Lake, McCall Idaho/Late Fall 

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Author: getthenet
Date: 6 Sep 2008 3:25:27 PM
Source: Trimble Outdoors on my Nextel phone
Activity: Fishing
State: Idaho (ID)
Distance: 4.3 mi  (Change units)
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Tags: Idaho, McCall
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Built up to hold run off water with a small dam. It is a Natural Lake. The Lake Has Some Trophy Size Smallmouth Bass in there and Tiger Musky. Really Clear water and This place can and will be a great fishery if taken Care of. Fish and Game were doing studies on the water.. Check out the footage for Mercury levels on fish...

Position Format: Datum:

Low water Track

Distance: 4.30 mi Points: 69
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Lake was down about 12 feet or so... you will

Points of Interest

1st Fish

Location: 44.920696, -116.047401
George didn't want me to have the 1st fish.. but you know how it is... Can't keep a good man down....LOL George 1st fish.. well you can say.....

Dam Area

Location: 44.903133, -116.042198
Alot os good fish here swimming around.. I saw some Musky here but couldn't get them to go.. They are a tough fish to catch.. I have never caught one..but they say its a fish of a 1000 casts....

End of the Day

Location: 44.927090, -116.041878
You will get to see how far we had to go to get the boat off and on the trailer...

Fish and Game pt2

Location: 44.916138, -116.050446
Going over subjects on fishing and me being myself...LOL

Fish and Game study

Location: 44.917252, -116.049644
They are testing for Mercury in water

George ctaches a fish...

Location: 44.919308, -116.048439
He Caught a keeper but he was in his underwear from going from Pants to shorts... He wouldn't let us film him trying to reel it in in his underpants.. so we waited.. Then I hooked a good one...

Gravel area

Location: 44.904243, -116.048363
This area in the Spring looks like it would be great for Spawning fish... Also there was some Grass here.. could hold Tiger Musky in it

How to fish it and Bait Idea

Location: 44.921696, -116.046600
Going over some tactic and bait presentation

Nice Smallmouth

Location: 44.905632, -116.044678
Nice smallmouth off a stump.... I was trying for Tiger Musky but couldn't get them to go.. George saw this fish up next to a stump and caught it

Starting the day off with Trimble

Location: 44.926422, -116.042999
Lake is down a bit so we had to go aways to get boat off trailer... Explaing the day..


Location: 44.910080, -116.054367
The fish were in this area and holding tight to stumps.. Structure is important when it comes to Bass and Musky

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