Pecos Baldy Lake 

This 7 mile trek takes you from one of the more modern CG's through high alpine meadows with panoramic views as it finds it's way to one of the most popular lakes in the Pecos.

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Author: 4085956033
Date: 1 Aug 2009 10:07:21 AM
Source: Trimble Outdoors on my Nextel phone
Activity: Backpacking
State: New Mexico (NM)
Distance: Total: 7.66 mi
Active: 7.64 mi
  (Change units)
Average Speed: Overall: 0.8 mph - 1:12:05/mi
Active: 2.1 mph - 0:28:26/mi
Duration: Total: 9:12:21
Active: 3:37:25
Unaccounted: 5:34:56
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 3632 ft
Total Loss: 1032 ft
Net Change: 2600 ft
Difficulty: 7 / 10
Tags: New Mexico, Rociada, Tererro
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Climb from 9,000 feet to a glacial lake at 11,320’ sitting just below Pecos Baldy lake.   This is one of the more popular lakes in the Pecos Wilderness and it can get rather crowded on a weekend, so you might plan a weekday trip to avoid the tents that inevitable dot the basin.   From the lake you can see the southern part of Trail Riders Wall as it entices you to climb the Truchas peaks as a wonderful day trip.   Some evenings the Big Horn sheep will dot the saddles just above the lake.   Another good side trip is to climb up East Pecos Baldy above the lake to enjoy expansive views of the entire Pecos Wilderness.   However, the weather can change fast at these altitudes and storms blowing in from the west can creep up on you as they blow hard over the saddle, so be aware and stay away from high open areas in thunderstorms.   The lack of tall vegetation around the lake testifies to how harsh the environment can be.   On a warm sunny day, though, it is a magical sparkling lake with sweeping green fields framing it. In early fall, Elk and deer may frequent the area near the large open camping area suggested just below the basin. 

TO TRAILHEAD: Take Pecos/Glorieta exit from I25. Go E to town of Pecos. Turn N on HWY 63 and follow to Cowles. Continue north of Cowles about 2 miles to Jack's Creek CG. Locate TH opposite of kiosk.

Position Format: Datum:

8_1_2009 10_07_20 AM_history

Distance: 7.66 mi Points: 2289
Total Time: 9:12:21 Speed: 0.8 mph Pace: 1:12:05 / mi
Active Time: 3:37:25 Speed: 2.1 mph Pace: 28:26 / mi
217:58 - 12.1km

Points of Interest


Location: 35.834412, -105.654992
2009-08-01 16:07:20

Mile 1

Location: 35.848124, -105.651492
Trail follows contours as it gently climbs above the campground.

Lap 2

Location: 35.850887, -105.645629
1.61km, 28:53, 3.3kph

Mile 3

Location: 35.861057, -105.645003
Enjoy panoramic views of the lake Kate basin to the west and Pecos Baldy to the North. To the East you can see the mountain range that Skyline Trail crosses as it begins it's loop around the Pecos - Eventually making it's way past Pecos Baldy.

Mile 4

Location: 35.875064, -105.641285
Leave the open meadows and start your climb through mixed conifer.

Mile 5

Location: 35.885930, -105.635234
Trail climbs away from meadow and gets muddy in several spots.

Mile 6

Location: 35.898723, -105.636626
The higher elevation brings a chill to the air. There are often thunderstorms that will pound this section of trail with hail and water will flow down the trail like a river.

Mile 7

Location: 35.911133, -105.642068
The trail opens up again in the high alpine meadows below PB lake. Do not camp in the lake basin to help avoid further impact to the fragile vegetation.


Location: 35.834463, -105.654917

Grouse on the trail

Location: 35.847318, -105.648351

Trail opens up in to high meadows

Location: 35.856614, -105.642514

Wilderness Boundary

Location: 35.845917, -105.649059

Trail Junction with 25-257

Location: 35.855553, -105.640873
Take 257

Round Mountain

Location: 35.873229, -105.641828

Pecos Baldy Range in the distance

Location: 35.872916, -105.641956

Lake Kate basin visible in the distance

Location: 35.872847, -105.641956

Jack's Creek

Location: 35.881140, -105.640798

257-259 junction

Location: 35.881192, -105.640819
Follow 257 as it parallels the creek and climbs steadily under forest shade.


Location: 35.885860, -105.635240
Leave 259 behind.

Columbine Flower

Location: 35.907927, -105.638437

Views of Pecos Baldy punch out

Location: 35.909969, -105.640605

Sign Regarding the Big Horn

Location: 35.912185, -105.644767
Some evenings you will see Big Horn Sheep up above the lake on the sadle where 164 hits the ridgeline.

Open Camping Area

Location: 35.908205, -105.644714
There is a nice open camping area below the lake basin where you can have a more secluded camp and still be close to a water source.

Spring that runs near camp area

Location: 35.908144, -105.644821

Lake Basin looking towards 164 Saddle

Location: 35.910621, -105.645604

Pano at lake

Location: 35.912176, -105.645787
Trail 164 to Trail 251 facing East Pecos Baldy.

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