Iron Mountain Trail 

Up to the Iron Mountain Lookout and around Cone Peak to the Tombstone Parking Area

Photos (c) Robert Noble

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Author: papavress
Date: 26 Jul 2009 11:04:58 AM
Activity: Hiking
State: Oregon (OR)
Distance: 5.53 mi  (Change units)
Average Speed: 1.2 mph - 0:50:46/mi
Duration: 4:40:46
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 2038 ft
Total Loss: 2549 ft
Net Change: -511 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Cascadia, Cone Peak, Iron Mountain, Oregon
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

We took the steepest uphill portion of this loop right away, straight up from the parking lot, then walked along the ridge around cone peak and back down to the Tombstone Parking Lot.

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Iron Mountain Trail

Distance: 5.53 mi Points: 404
Total Time: 4:40:46 Speed: 1.2 mph Pace: 50:46 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 1.2 mph Pace: 50:46 / mi

Points of Interest

End - Tombstone Parking Area

Location: 44.395210, -122.140910
Confession...this was not where we parked the shuttle car. We actually parked the shuttle car at a parking area about another mile down the trail. Fortunately, two of our party went ahead to the car and met us at this lot by the time we emerged from the trail.

Iron Mountain Lookout

Location: 44.400772, -122.149184
There is a large wooden deck at the top of the mountain, but we found that there were fewer bugs and there was a pleasant breeze on the rocks just below the deck.

Start - Trailhead Parking Area

Location: 44.398554, -122.155757
We had 2 vehicles, so we made this a shuttle trip, but it is possible to walk this trail as a complete loop.

Cross Highway 20

Location: 44.398988, -122.135739
It's an odd thing for a trail to do, but it really does cross the highway here. It picks up a few yards east across the highway.

Cone Peak Trail Intersection

Location: 44.400491, -122.153335
Although it's well-marked, we almost missed this junction on the way down from the. Follow the Iron Mountain trail on the way up, the Cone Peak trail on the way down.

Headed up to Iron Mountain

Location: 44.400552, -122.151876
The track here is as steep as it looks and narrow...we stopped at the switchbacks to let folks coming the other way pass by.

Headed down cone mountain

Location: 44.403373, -122.132907
On the way down this was a pleasant walk through meadows and back down into the trees.

Mama Rosa Down Below

Location: 44.400675, -122.151661
This picture was taken from one switchback above on the trail up to the Iron Mountain Lookout

Meadow Walk

Location: 44.403741, -122.132607
The meadows gave way to cool forest, a relief on the hot day we were hiking.

Iron Mountain From Trailhead

Location: 44.398774, -122.155609
I was surprised that I picked us such a steep hike!

From The Top Of Iron Mountain

Location: 44.401104, -122.149086
There were beautiful vistas in every direction from the lookout.

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