Bicycling Magazine Little Rock, AR: River Trail - Big Dam Bridge 

Take an easy riverside roll through downtown on this 15-mile loop on Little Rock’s River Trail and traffic-free Big Dam Bridge.

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Author: _Ironman
Date: 28 Mar 2008 6:06:40 AM
Source: AllSport GPS on my phone
Activity: Bicycling
State: Arkansas (AR)
Distance: 15.08 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 3701 ft
Total Loss: 3615 ft
Net Change: 85 ft
Difficulty: 3 / 10
Tags: Arkansas, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Riverfront
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

This stretch of Little Rock’s River Trail system is a downtown hotspot for cyclists, runners, walkers, and visitors checking out the Big Dam Bridge. Most of this route is on the trail and closed to traffic.<p> Start at Cooks Landing and cross the Big Dam Bridge (pedestrians and cyclists only) over the Arkansas River. Look for Pinnacle Mountain to the west; the River Trail will eventually go there, too. On the Little Rock side of the river, the trail joins the road after Rebsamen Park, around mile 4, and heads downtown into light to moderate traffic.<p> Out for a leisurely ride? Continue straight on Markham St. to cruise the River Market District. Peruse the farmer’s market, stay for lunch, or grab a coffee in this bustling downtown hub. When you’re done, cross the river on the Broadway Bridge (mile 7.4) sidewalk, loop around the baseball stadium, and join the North Little Rock Trail.<p> The northern part of the route is tree-lined and more secluded than the southern half. The trail follows River Road--which has little to no traffic--back to Cooks Landing.

Position Format: Datum:

Little Rock, AR: River Trail - Big Dam Bridge

Distance: 15.08 mi Points: 263
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Start - Cooks Landing Then go 0.51 mi
2 0.51 mi Turn Right - Cross Big Dam Bridge Then go 0.61 mi
3 1.12 mi Turn Left - Rebsamen Park Rd. Then go 2.29 mi
4 3.41 mi Turn Left - Follow bike path Then go 0.76 mi
5 4.17 mi Straight - Riverfront Dr. Then go 1.25 mi
6 5.42 mi Bear Left - Stay with bike path Then go 0.36 mi
7 5.78 mi Straight - Water Works Dr. Then go 0.31 mi
8 6.09 mi Turn Left - Cantrell Rd. Then go 0.30 mi
9 6.39 mi Turn Right - North St. Then go 0.30 mi
10 6.69 mi Turn Right - La Harpe Blvd. Then go 0.20 mi
11 6.89 mi Turn Left - Markham St. Then go 0.46 mi
12 7.35 mi Turn Left - Broadway St./US 70/67 Then go 0.54 mi
13 7.89 mi Turn Right - 3rd St./Broadway St. Then go 0.12 mi
14 8.01 mi Turn Right - Willow St. Then go 0.15 mi
15 8.16 mi Straight - Cross Riverfront Dr. to join trail Then go 0.06 mi
16 8.22 mi Turn Right - N. Little Rock Trail Then go 0.68 mi
17 8.90 mi Bear Left - River Rd. Then go 5.88 mi
18 14.78 mi Turn Right - Cooks Landing Rd.

Points of Interest

Cooks Landing

Location: 34.800827, -92.355355
Start at Cooks Landing where parking and restrooms are available to the public.

Big Dam Bridge

Location: 34.795030, -92.353102
The North entrance to the Big Dam Bridge's bike path

Big Dam Bridge

Location: 34.794704, -92.352276
View of the Big Dam Bridge from North Little Rock

Dam View

Location: 34.792845, -92.358359
View west from the middle of the Big Dam Bridge

Big climb to right

Location: 34.788149, -92.353005
Craving a climb? Leave the trail on the south side of the river for a quick 400-foot grunt up Overlook Drive. Take a right on Overlook Dr. to add a steep climb to your ride.

Left onto the trail

Location: 34.758926, -92.302559
At the southern end of Riverfront Drive, bear left at the railroad tracks to continue on the trail. At railroad tracks, turn left to continue on the trail.

Path ends

Location: 34.755735, -92.297559
The bike path ends beneath the sign for Cajun's Wharf restaurant, but you can continue on roads to head downtown. Turn around to avoid traffic, or continue on the route towards downtown.

Right to follow bike route

Location: 34.753302, -92.287538
Once you leave the trail in Little Rock, follow the bike route through downtown. Make a right on North St. to follow the bike route.

Trail signs

Location: 34.751909, -92.283118
Follow these trail signs through downtown.


Location: 34.749864, -92.283418
Take Markham Street into downtown. If you're heading to the River Market District, keep going on Markham, past Broadway.

Left for trail; straight for River Market District

Location: 34.748789, -92.274942
Go left across the bridge to continue on the route, or keep going straight for a downtown detour. Take a left at the Double Tree Hotel to cross over the river again. Or keep going on Markham to the River Market District.

Flying Fish

Location: 34.747299, -92.264965
Stop for a catfish basket at the Flying Fish restaurant, a no-frills eatery in the River Market District.

Dickey-Stephens Ball Park

Location: 34.756281, -92.273054
Take a right at the new Dickey-Stephens Ball Park to join the North Little Rock Trail.

Go Straight

Location: 34.754078, -92.271230
Cross Riverfront Drive and continue straight to enter the North Little Rock section of the trail.

North Little Rock Trail

Location: 34.753143, -92.271295
North Little Rock Trail

Keep left for trail

Location: 34.756246, -92.282002
In North Little Rock, the trail follows and occasionally joins River Road. Here, continue left on the road to get back to the trail.

Right to climb

Location: 34.769044, -92.295542
From the North Little Rock Trail, turn up Long 17th Street for an easy climb to Fort Roots.

Road closed to traffic here

Location: 34.773334, -92.301016


Location: 34.782862, -92.307000
Trail through North Little Rock


Location: 34.788184, -92.309060
The trail briefly joins the road near the Burns Golf Course. Take a left just past the golf course to get back on the trail.


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