Herbert Glacier Trail 

An easy trail with only 100 ft of elevation gain over 4.5 miles. The track includes some cross-country scrambling after the trail ends.

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Author: falcon131111
Date: 10 Jun 2011 5:54:01 PM
Source: GPX file
Activity: Hiking
State: Alaska (AK)
Distance: 10.58 mi  (Change units)
Average Speed: 2.6 mph - 0:23:34/mi
Duration: 4:09:16
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 771 ft
Total Loss: 722 ft
Net Change: 49 ft
Difficulty: 2 / 10
USGS Topo Map: Juneau
Tags: Alaska, Juneau
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The Herbert Glacier trail is an easy 4.5 mile trail about 16 miles north of the Mendenhall Valley in Juneau Alaska. The trail is a compacted gravel trail which many people bike. It follows the Herbert river up to the Herbert Glacier.

Pond Along the Trail

Near the end of the trail, we left it and walked across a wash, crossing a couple of streams, to get closer to the glacier.

Herbert Glacier

We came upon the main flow of the creek feeding the Herbert River and were not able to cross it so we went up along it. This part of the hike included a bit of rock scrambling and going through bushes. It was a welcome challenge after the smooth trail.

Creek by the Glacier

We did not find a place to get across the creek, so we did not get the glacier itself, but we had some close views of it. We also looked at the class 5 rapids in the creek.

Layers in Herbert Glacier

Herbert Glacier

The main trail is great if your looking for something easy with great views at the end. Most other trails in the area are a bit rougher. The trail is about 9 miles roundtrip, but with the additional hiking we did along the creek it was about 10.6 miles.

TO TRAILHEAD: From downtown Juneau take Glacier Hwy (Eagan Dr.) out to milemarker 27. It is the trailhead past the Herbert River.

Position Format: Datum:

Herbert Glacier Hike 6-11

Distance: 10.58 mi Points: 501
Total Time: 4:09:16 Speed: 2.5 mph Pace: 23:34 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 2.5 mph Pace: 23:34 / mi

Points of Interest


Location: 58.535556, -134.741383
A small lake on the hike in.

Herbert Glacier

Location: 58.533356, -134.701617
The Face of Herbert Glacier

Class 5 Creek

Location: 58.532664, -134.691781
Shortly upstream the stream turns into a class V steep creek.

Layers in Herbert Glacier

Location: 58.534419, -134.690683

Herbert Glacier (Left Side)

Location: 58.535439, -134.690172
The end of the glacier is split in two.

Leave the trail

Location: 58.533502, -134.698477
If the water is low, you can leave the trail, jump over small stream and walk straight towards the glacier.

Stream in the Way

Location: 58.532023, -134.692898
There's a strong stream that is not easily crossible blocking us from the glacier itself.

Follow the Creek

Location: 58.533995, -134.691224
There's a rough path along the side of the creek.

Parking Lot

Location: 58.527005, -134.797482
Parking lot is shortly after crossing the river when going out the road.

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