4th of July Trail 

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Author: Mike Ciccone
Date: 25 Oct 2005 10:58:18 AM
Source: Trimble Outdoors on my phone
Activity: Hiking
State: New Mexico (NM)
Distance: 4.74 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 1373 ft
Total Loss: 1369 ft
Net Change: 4 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Albuquerque, Estancia, Hiking, loop, New Mexico
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Hike the Fourth of July and Cerro Blanco Loop in autumn to revel in a sea of red, orange, and yellow. Fourth of July winds through an isolated but sizable stand of big tooth maples. The trail starts at the Fourth of July Campground. You pass one spring along side the Fourth of July, follow a stream for a portion of the Cerro Blanco, and Tajique Creek parallels Forest Road 55 which is the last leg of the hike. The The 4.8 mile trail is well-used, clearly marked, has over 1000ft. elevation gain, and only a few rocky but easily navigable spots. The Cerro Blanco stretch can be quite steep in places but a walking stick makes it manageable. To get to the trailhead, from Tijeras, just east of Albuquerque off I-40, take NM 337 south for about 28 miles. Turn right onto NM 55 headed west for about 3 miles to the village of Tajique.Turn right onto FR 55. Go 7 miles and the campground is on the right.

Position Format: Datum:


Distance: 4.74 mi Points: 387
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi

Points of Interest

Big tooth maples glow red

Location: 34.786739, -106.393784

Dense yellow forest

Location: 34.787525, -106.393806

Fallen tree among leaves

Location: 34.795181, -106.389496

Hiker climbs upper portion of loop

Location: 34.796474, -106.390572

Hikers walk on a variegated carpet of leaves

Location: 34.795666, -106.395599

Mule deer in the campground

Location: 34.792374, -106.382477

One of the switchbacks

Location: 34.795620, -106.390068

Sign as you leave the Manzano Mountain Wilderness

Location: 34.788422, -106.394203

Sign showing 4th of July/Spring Loop Split

Location: 34.793087, -106.383575

Tunnel of trees

Location: 34.791618, -106.395538

Upper 4th of July Spring

Location: 34.796654, -106.392845

View of mountainside across the canyon

Location: 34.785774, -106.392952

View of rocky portion of the trail

Location: 34.797722, -106.394905


Location: 34.790096, -106.379494


Location: 34.793182, -106.383186
4th of July splits from the Spring Loop Trail


Location: 34.794586, -106.387688
Go straight at the sign following Fouth of July and no the Fourth of July Spur


Location: 34.796577, -106.390137
Through the trees you can see into the Estancia Valley to the east


Location: 34.797058, -106.392921
Look down the hill to your left and you will see the Upper Fouth of July Spring.


Location: 34.797188, -106.393372
At this fork, if you go left, you can walk to the spring or if you go right, you continue on 4th of July.


Location: 34.797421, -106.393593
At the sign, go straight to follow the 4th of July Trail.


Location: 34.793118, -106.397545
Turn left at the sign for Rd. No. 55. If you go right at the fork, you can follow Cerro Blanco Trail up to the Crest Trail.


Location: 34.789349, -106.394707
Overlook to the southeast through trees


Location: 34.785770, -106.393456
View to the southwest


Location: 34.785866, -106.393143
Go up hill to your left for great view of mountains


Location: 34.785278, -106.393143
Follow the trail down to the right


Location: 34.781143, -106.393837
As the trail bends around to your left and you pass through a large cluster of boulders, you should suddenly hear the creek below...provided its flowing.


Location: 34.778957, -106.392357
Follow the trail to your left when you reach the sign identifying the Cerro Blanco trail you just came down..


Location: 34.777988, -106.391304
Turn right after the parking area and follow the road back to the Fourth of July Campground.

wpt 0028

Location: 34.797058, -106.392921
spring down to your left

wpt 0039

Location: 34.778992, -106.392334


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