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Asheville, NC: Jeter Cheater Loop 

This 61.7-miler warms-up winding through Asheville's southern hills on lonely country roads, then rewards with a long, mellow roll along the French Broad River.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 13 Aug 2009 4:18:31 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: North Carolina (NC)
Distance: 61.72 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 4606 ft
Total Loss: 4605 ft
Net Change: 1 ft
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Tags: Asheville, Etowah, North Carolina, Pisgah National Forest
Rating:   1 rating(s) Rate it

This ride links rolling country roads south of Asheville into a 61.7-mile loop that is mellower than the famed Jeter Mountain ride, but still challenges with three tough climbs and more than 4,600 feet of climbing overall.

From the start point in Etowah, you’ll warm up on flats headed to the Little River Valley. At mile 10.5, turn uphill on DuPont Road climbing 500 feet in just 1.5 miles before a quick downhill rolls into another 2-mile, 500-footer in the DuPont State Forest. This route turns west for a short stretch on the busy Greenville Highway—there’s a rest-stop gas station at mile 20.5—before a steep climb on East Fork Road tops out at the ride’s high point just after mile 23. After the climb, there are some rolling hills and a descent into a valley alongside the French Broad River which you’ll follow to Rosman. The best second-half rest stop is Quotations Coffee Café in Brevard, but the last 14 miles is mostly flat, and an easy toll back to Etowah.

While these are mostly country roads (no shoulders and few services) watch for traffic on Crab Creek Road, the Greenville Highway (US-276), Old Highway 64, and cruising the town of Brevard. For a more difficult ride, or for add-on ideas, consider tackling the more traditional Jeter Mountain Loop, instead.

-Mapped with help from the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club

TO TRAILHEAD: From Asheville, drive 12 miles south on I-26 E and take exit 44, turn right onto US 25. Drive 1 mile and turn right onto Rugby Drive and turn left at the T-junction in 0.9 miles. Continue 4.1 miles and turn right onto Brevard Road. Park at the Ingles Market, 3 miles ahead on the road’s left side.

Position Format: Datum:

Jeter Cheater

Distance: 61.72 mi Points: 1102
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 1.50 mi Turn right at NC-1191/River Rd Continue to follow NC-119 Then go 3.19 mi
2 4.70 mi Continue on John Talley Rd/NC-1527 Then go 2.41 mi
3 7.11 mi Turn left at Crab Creek Rd/NC-1528 Then go 3.38 mi
4 10.48 mi Turn right at Dupont Rd/NC-1259 Then go 1.23 mi
5 11.71 mi Continue on Duponte Rd/NC-1593 Then go 4.25 mi
6 15.96 mi Turn left at Cascade Lake Rd/NC-1536 Then go 0.17 mi
7 16.13 mi Turn left to stay on Cascade Lake Rd/NC-1536 Then go 2.27 mi
8 18.40 mi Slight left at Green River Rd Then go 0.07 mi
9 18.48 mi Turn right at Greenville Hwy/US-276 Then go 3.51 mi
10 21.99 mi Turn left at E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Then go 0.38 mi
11 22.37 mi Turn left at E Fork Rd Then go 1.03 mi
12 23.40 mi Turn right at E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Continue to follow E Fork R Then go 1.63 mi
13 25.03 mi Turn left at E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Then go 2.05 mi
14 27.09 mi Turn left to stay on E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Then go 0.37 mi
15 27.46 mi Turn right to stay on E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Then go 1.59 mi
16 29.05 mi Turn right to stay on E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Then go 1.43 mi
17 30.48 mi Slight left to stay on E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Then go 2.14 mi
18 32.61 mi Turn left to stay on E Fork Rd/NC-1107 Then go 1.39 mi
19 34.00 mi Slight right at US-178 Then go 0.90 mi
20 34.90 mi Turn right at Church St/NC-1388 Then go 1.72 mi
21 36.63 mi Turn right at Calvert Rd/NC-1195 Then go 0.08 mi
22 36.70 mi Turn left to stay on Calvert Rd/NC-1195 Then go 0.64 mi
23 37.35 mi Turn right at Hannah Ford Rd/NC-1109 Then go 0.57 mi
24 37.92 mi Turn left to stay on Hannah Ford Rd/NC-1109 Then go 3.54 mi
25 41.46 mi Turn left at NC-1103/Walnut Hollow Rd Then go 0.48 mi
26 41.94 mi Turn left at Island Ford Rd/NC-1110 Then go 0.88 mi
27 42.82 mi Turn right at Country Club Rd/NC-1113 Then go 1.61 mi
28 44.43 mi Turn left at Barclay Rd/NC-1114/NC-1207 Then go 0.16 mi
29 44.59 mi Slight right at Country Club Rd/NC-1116 Then go 1.14 mi
30 45.73 mi Turn right at Gallimore Rd/NC-1118 Then go 0.84 mi
31 46.57 mi Turn left at Greenville Hwy/US-276 Then go 0.48 mi
32 47.05 mi Turn right at Franklin St Then go 0.24 mi
33 47.29 mi Turn left at E French Broad St/NC-1544 Then go 0.22 mi
34 47.51 mi Turn left at Neely Rd Then go 0.98 mi
35 48.49 mi Turn right at NC-1145/Old 64/Old Hendersonville Hwy Continue to follow NC-1145/Old Hendersonville Hw Then go 2.40 mi
36 50.89 mi Turn right to stay on Everett Rd/NC-1533 Then go 2.48 mi
37 53.38 mi Turn left to stay on Everett Rd/NC-1533 Then go 0.73 mi
38 54.10 mi Turn left at Crab Creek Rd/NC-1528 Then go 0.51 mi
39 54.62 mi Turn right at John Talley Rd/NC-1527 Then go 2.41 mi
40 57.02 mi Continue on NC-1191/Pleasant Grove Rd Then go 3.19 mi
41 60.22 mi Turn left at Etowah School Rd/NC-1205

Points of Interest


Location: 35.317191, -82.589368
This ride begins south of Asheville at the Ingles Market in Etowah. There is a large parking lot here, and you can use the restrooms and fuel up before and after your ride.


Location: 35.296914, -82.580967
Near mile 1.6 the road crosses the French Broad River. For the next 5.5 miles, you'll wind west and south through the flat-land floodplain.


Location: 35.259357, -82.633839
This route bypasses Jeter Mountain Road and rolls past lush farmland in the Little River Valley. Though straighter and wider than many nearby mountain roads, Crab Creek Road (running through the valley) has soft shoulders and is sometimes littered with gravel from farm equipment, so ride carefully.


Location: 35.234964, -82.600708
This southbound turn on DuPont Road marks the beginning of two consecutive 500-foot climbs. There's a short downhill in between where you can catch your breath.


Location: 35.202077, -82.618990
A network of trails criss-crosses DuPont Road for the next several miles through the state forest so be alert for hikers, mountain bikers, and horses.


Location: 35.148688, -82.648087
Though it's a major thoroughfare in this area, the Greenville Highway is a narrow, 2-lane road with soft, gravel shoulders. Watch for traffic on this relatively busy (and flat) 3.5-mile stretch.


Location: 35.148196, -82.683621
Just past mile 20, there is a Lycra-friendly Quik Stop at this Citgo station. There's a great Mexican restaurant next door, but remember, there is a steep climb up ahead after the turn onto East Fork Road.


Location: 35.140055, -82.706022
A steep, 1-mile climb up East Fork Road leads to this ride's high point. Relatively low elevations on this route mean that it's rideable most of the year and may be a good choice during cold weather.


Location: 35.137107, -82.772541
Turn left just past Sunset Lake to stay on East Fork and bypass a big climb up Walnut Gap. This round-about option adds some distance alongside the French Broad, but cuts a difficult climb out of the more traditional loop.


Location: 35.231949, -82.730398
Stop at Quotations Coffee Cafe in Brevard. This cycling-friendly rest stop serves sandwiches, salads, and deserts.


Location: 35.254591, -82.634525
Ride through fields lining Everett Road to close this route's 46-mile loop and cool down on a familiar 7.6-mile roll headed back to Etowah.

French Broad

Location: 35.176685, -82.766619
This river-valley section of the ride rolls gently north, but comes after the ride's major climbs. © Ralph Draves

DuPont Road

Location: 35.217295, -82.614956
A small peloton in formation along a tree-lined stretch of DuPont Road. © Ralph Draves


Location: 35.188260, -82.625084
Look left near the top of the climb on DuPont Road for a quick view of this small lake. © Ralph Draves

Rest Stop

Location: 35.147986, -82.683277
A gas station and Mexican restaurant can satisfy refueling (and restroom) needs near mile 20. © Ralph Draves


Location: 35.147424, -82.708340
© Ralph Draves

East Fork

Location: 35.139002, -82.706451
Note the winding and narrow road descending from the ride's high point on East Fork Road. © Ralph Draves


Location: 35.231879, -82.730398
This Brevard cafe's stuffed blueberry French Toast is to die for. If that's too heavy to fuel your last 14 miles, grab a cookie or some caffeine instead. © Ralph Draves

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