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Knoxville, TN: Haw Ridge 

Rip along bench-cut, shoreline singletrack on this semi-flat, 8-mile loop in the Haw Ridge Park trail network outside of Knoxville.

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Author: Mountain Bike Magazine
Date: 29 May 2009 6:11:09 PM
Activity: Mountain Biking
State: Tennessee (TN)
Distance: 8.12 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 1270 ft
Total Loss: 1270 ft
Net Change: -1 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Rating:   2 rating(s) Rate it

Cramming 20 miles of trails into a 600-acre peninsula on the Clinch River, Haw Ridge Park is one of the more popular trail systems in the Knoxville area. Despite its popularity, the variety of ride options within the park keep it from ever feeling crowded. This 8-mile loop keeps the contour crossing to a minimum; there are some significant ups and downs, but it's fairly flat in general and appropriate for everyone but complete novices.

From the trailhead, the route crosses the entry bridge and begins a clockwise loop on the outer ring of trails, essentially following the shoreline of Melton Hill Lake. Hopping from one shoreline trail to another throughout the ride (keep your eyes open for various junctions), the route winds along rocky and rooty, bench-cut singletrack, offering only brief hill challenges. Along the way, keep an eye out for owls, deer, foxes, and even the occasional coyote.

-Mapped by Randy Conner, Appalachian Mountain Bike Club

TO TRAILHEAD: Take I-40 W to exit 376 and head north on TN 62/Pellissippi Pkwy. In 6.5 miles, bear left to continue on TN 62/Oak Ridge Hwy. Go 1.3 miles and take the exit for Edgemoor Rd./TN 170. Continue 0.9 mile to trailhead parking on right.

Position Format: Datum:

Haw Ridge

Distance: 8.12 mi Points: 569
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi

Points of Interest


Location: 36.000091, -84.185352
Begin riding from the east end of the parking area.


Location: 36.000742, -84.184606
Cross the bridge and stay right as the trail hooks south.


Location: 35.999570, -84.184198
Make a right turn onto Lake Trail.


Location: 35.998815, -84.184928
Turn right onto West Shore; watch for roots and a couple of rocky sections ahead.


Location: 35.998598, -84.184628
Stay right, as the next section of bench-cut singletrack parallels the lake. Keep an eye out for the plank bridge ahead: you might get wet if you miss it.


Location: 35.996625, -84.181637
Turn right back onto the Lake Trail.


Location: 35.998081, -84.175067
Turn right turn onto Twister, and then stay right just ahead.


Location: 35.996523, -84.174607
Turn left here to avoid a dead end trail.


Location: 35.996029, -84.172693
Turn right onto Lake Trail, then continue about 50 feet and turn right onto Red Shore.


Location: 35.994075, -84.168405
Stay right here and continue paralleling the lake shore. Ahead, stay right at every opportunity until you reach the junction for the South Shore Trail at Waypoint 11 (where you'll turn right again).


Location: 35.993295, -84.162067
Turn right onto South Shore Trail.


Location: 35.994771, -84.158636
Make a left to head to Jump Trail, and then make a right onto Jump Trail.


Location: 35.996070, -84.162671
Turn right on old jeep double track.


Location: 35.998641, -84.159466
After crossing the small bridge, turn left up the steep crack or continue another 100 feet for a more gradual climb up the Silo Trail. Just ahead, you'll ride by the silo, a well known landmark that serves as proof of the park's previous life as a dairy farm.


Location: 35.999995, -84.160198
Heading back down toward the lake, the trail picks up some significant speed here. Stay straight just ahead to follow the trail back toward shoreline.


Location: 36.002525, -84.162959
At this popular meeting spot, turn right down the very steep Rainbow Trail. If it's too steep for your liking, you can continue straight and then stay right to end at the same spot.


Location: 36.003146, -84.163599
Go straight to continue across on Rainbow; one of the biggest climbs of the ride starts here.


Location: 36.004994, -84.164584
Turn right to head downhill toward the shoreline. About halfway down, stay straight as Skinny turns left and heads uphill. If you want more climbing, keep going up the hill to the top of the Hill of Truth.


Location: 36.005463, -84.160884
Stay left to continue downhill. Try to keep your speed up here as there's a hill coming up.


Location: 36.006299, -84.160529
Turn right onto East Shore. If you chose to climb Skinny D, this is where you'd most likely return to the track.


Location: 36.011741, -84.163523
Hit the paved Old Edgemoor Road and turn left. The road is closed to traffic at this point.


Location: 36.011118, -84.165259
Turn right for a short singletrack detour. Turn right again on Old Edgmoor just a few hundred yards ahead.


Location: 36.010017, -84.169377
Look for the singletrack turnoff on the left side of Old Edgemoor in the middle of an S-curve.


Location: 36.008541, -84.173119
Turn left onto old double track and start climbing.


Location: 36.007458, -84.173572
Turn right downhill. Just ahead, turn left onto Soccer (which climbs again up the ridge). About halfway up the hill, make the first of three right turns that will lead you back toward the bridge at the beginning of the route.

East Shore

Location: 36.006357, -84.160187
East Shore is a nice bench-cut trail that follows the shore. This trail comes out on Old Edgemoor Road. © Randy Conner

Lake Trail Junction

Location: 35.996658, -84.181624
© Randy Conner

Heading onto Twister

Location: 35.998016, -84.174854
© Randy Conner

Entry Bridge

Location: 36.000855, -84.184413
© Randy Conner

Red Shore Junction

Location: 35.996015, -84.172614
© Randy Conner

Sweet Singletrack

Location: 35.995783, -84.170530
Red Shore has great flow through hardwood forest. © Randy Conner

Powerline Singletrack

Location: 35.995160, -84.161732
Powerline singletrack on the Jump Trail. © Randy Conner

Top of Rainbow Trail

Location: 36.002590, -84.162923
The top of a short, super steep section on the Rainbow Trail. Watch out for roots and the plank bridge at the bottom. © Randy Conner

A Gradual Route

Location: 36.003163, -84.163545
This section of Rainbow offers a little more gradual route to the top of the Hill of Truth. © Randy Conner

Rooty Climb Ahead

Location: 36.005706, -84.160767
East Shore to East Edge Trail: Keep your speed up here as there is a rooty climb on the other side of this drainage. © Randy Conner

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