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Seattle, WA: Kitsap Peninsula 

Ferry from Seattle to explore Kitsap Peninsula’s lonely country roads on this 78-miler featuring two mean climbs and stunning panoramas of Olympic National Park.

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Author: RaphaContinental
Date: 16 Mar 2009 9:25:24 AM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Washington (WA)
Distance: 78.55 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 4264 ft
Total Loss: 4249 ft
Net Change: 14 ft
Difficulty: 7 / 10
Tags: Bremerton, Olympic National Park, Port Orchard, Seattle, Washington
Rating:   1 rating(s) Rate it

Photos courtesy of the Rapha Continental

Grab the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton, and then cycle through the city’s crowded surface streets to reach the blissfully quiet back-roads of the Kitsap Peninsula. Along the shores of Bremerton, you’ll pass an antique-like collection of decommissioned submarines and battleships lapping lazily in the Puget Sound, evidence of Bremerton’s rich maritime heritage.

Ten miles outside of Bremerton, hit the lonely fishing town of Seabeck before tracing the shores of a small peninsula and heading south on Stavis Bay Road. Climbing through dense evergreen forests, gain spectacular views of the Hood Canal and the striking peaks of Olympic National Park as you glide toward your first major ascent of the ride: a nasty climb up Dewatto Road. After completing this 400-foot elevation spike, cruise past reddish-tinted mossy meadows before descending through several lush valleys bordered by tree-lined hillsides. Cross over numerous streams and rivers before hitting the Dewatto Bay and gearing up for the ride’s second significant climb, a 500-foot affair that tops out with five miles of seemingly endless rollers.

After conquering this ascent, break toward the shore by heading south on Belfair Tahuya Road before tracing the edge of the Hood Canal and swinging north. Savor a nearly dead-flat, 15-mile coastal stretch before rolling inland once again as you approach Bremerton. Leave behind the tranquil meadows, forests, and farm country of Kitsap’s no-man’s-lands as you re-enter civilization near mile 70 en route back to the ferry in Bremerton.

-Mapped by The Rapha Continental

TO TRAILHEAD: From the Seattle Center, head southwest on Broad St. for 0.5 miles and turn left on Alaskan Way. The ferry terminal will be on the right 1.2 miles down the road. The ferry costs three dollars, takes just under an hour to cross, and allows bikes.

Position Format: Datum:

Kitsap Peninsula

Distance: 78.55 mi Points: 1148
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Start from Seattle-Bremerton Ferry Terminal Then go 0.22 mi
2 0.22 mi Turn left at Burwell St/WA-304 Then go 1.35 mi
3 1.57 mi Turn left at N Callow Ave/WA-304 Then go 0.11 mi
4 1.68 mi Slight right to stay on N Callow Ave/WA-304 Then go 0.02 mi
5 1.70 mi Turn right at 1st St Then go 0.43 mi
6 2.13 mi Turn right at Marion Ave N Then go 0.25 mi
7 2.38 mi Turn left at 6th St Then go 0.24 mi
8 2.62 mi Turn right at National Ave N Then go 0.04 mi
9 2.67 mi Turn left at Kitsap Way/WA-310 Then go 2.21 mi
10 4.87 mi Slight left at Northlake Way NW Then go 1.12 mi
11 5.99 mi Slight left at NW Seabeck St Then go 3.00 mi
12 8.99 mi Turn left at NW Holly Rd Then go 5.02 mi
13 14.00 mi Turn right at Seabeck Holly Rd NW Then go 3.14 mi
14 17.15 mi Turn left at Miami Beach Rd NW Then go 0.61 mi
15 17.76 mi Turn right at Misery Point Rd NW Then go 1.57 mi
16 19.33 mi Slight left at Miami Beach Rd NW Then go 0.48 mi
17 19.80 mi Turn right at Scenic Beach Rd NW Then go 0.08 mi
18 19.88 mi Slight left at NW Stavis Bay Rd Then go 3.37 mi
19 23.25 mi Turn left at Minnig Ln NW Then go 2.68 mi
20 25.93 mi Slight left at Nellita Rd NW Then go 1.03 mi
21 26.95 mi Turn right at Lorelei Ln NW Then go 0.28 mi
22 27.23 mi Turn left at Nellita Rd NW Then go 1.05 mi
23 28.28 mi Sharp right toward Seabeck Holly Rd NW Then go 0.54 mi
24 28.82 mi Slight right at Seabeck Holly Rd NW Then go 3.01 mi
25 31.83 mi Turn left at Dewatto Rd W Then go 3.38 mi
26 35.21 mi Continue on NE Dewatto Holly Rd Then go 4.69 mi
27 39.90 mi Turn left to stay on NE Dewatto Holly Rd Then go 2.58 mi
28 42.48 mi Turn left at NE Dewatto Rd/Dewatto Bay Rd Then go 3.57 mi
29 46.05 mi Turn right at NE Belfair Tahuya Rd Then go 2.59 mi
30 48.63 mi Turn left to stay on NE Belfair Tahuya Rd Then go 1.68 mi
31 50.32 mi Slight left at NE North Shore Rd Then go 14.03 mi
32 64.35 mi Turn right at NE Old Belfair Hwy Then go 0.20 mi
33 64.55 mi Turn left at NE WA-3 Then go 7.87 mi
34 72.42 mi Turn left at Sam Christopherson Ave W Then go 0.28 mi
35 72.69 mi Turn right at W Belfair Valley Rd Then go 0.39 mi
36 73.09 mi Slight left at Sherman Heights Rd Then go 0.99 mi
37 74.08 mi Turn left at Kent Ave W Then go 0.38 mi
38 74.46 mi Slight right at W Harbor Dr Then go 0.05 mi
39 74.51 mi Turn left at 3rd Ave W Then go 0.44 mi
40 74.96 mi Slight left at Union Ave W Then go 0.56 mi
41 75.51 mi Turn right at Werner Rd Then go 0.76 mi
42 76.27 mi Turn right at Arsenal Way E Then go 0.22 mi
43 76.49 mi Turn right at S Yantic Ave Then go 0.21 mi
44 76.70 mi Turn right onto 1st St Then go 0.10 mi
45 76.80 mi Take the 2nd left onto N Lafayette Av Then go 0.13 mi
46 76.92 mi Take the 1st right onto Burwell S Then go 1.39 mi
47 78.31 mi Turn right onto Burwell St/Pacific Ave Then go 0.10 mi
48 78.41 mi Burwell St/Pacific Ave turns slightly left and becomes Seattle Bremerton Ferry Dock

Points of Interest

Through Hallway of Trees

Location: 47.371966, -123.047047
Upon hitting North Shore Road, swing along the shores of the Hood Canal before heading northeast on a 15-mile stretch of virtually dead-flat, coastal straightaway. © Rapha Continental

Disembarking The Ferry

Location: 47.562157, -122.624813
Roll straight off the ferry onto 1st Street in Bremerton. Then head north on Washington Avenue. Make sure to stock up on supplies in town -- this is the last completely reliable option of the ride. © Rapha Continental

Outside Bremerton

Location: 47.635205, -122.838650
After chugging through Bremerton's busy surface streets, the ride becomes quieter, gliding past rural neighborhoods and weekend homes on hilly, rolling terrain. © Rapha Continental


Location: 47.623984, -122.878389
Cross over the postcard-like Stavis Creek and climb from sea-level to just over 250 feet, gaining striking views of the Olympics as well as the serene Hood Canal along the way. © Rapha Continental

Dewatto Road

Location: 47.563091, -122.971344
Just pass mile 30, veer left to bypass Seabeck Holly Rd. and pick up Dewatto Rd. Heading southeast, preparing for your first major climb of the day. This 400-foot churn is only about two miles long, but promises several false summits before breaking from dense, deciduous forest into a mossy meadow on a high ridge. © Rapha Continental


Location: 47.455313, -123.032284
Careen downhill through a hallway of evergreens as you make your way toward Dewatto Bay. Just past the inlet lies the second -- and last -- climb of the ride: A nasty 1.5-mile kicker gaining over 500 feet, followed by nearly five miles of staircase-like rollers. © Rapha Continental

Belfair Tahuya Road

Location: 47.427100, -123.016663
At mile 46, bear right onto Belfair Tahuya Rd. to head south for a quick descent toward the water. © Rapha Continental

Home Stretch

Location: 47.524156, -122.707672
Nearing Bremerton, slice inland once again as you cruise over five miles of hilly, tree-dotted farm country. Re-entering civilization, negotiate several congested intersections and a few final climbs before winding your back to the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry terminal. © Rapha Continental


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