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2009 Tour of California: Stage 2 

Tour of California pros will be the first bike racers to ever ride across the Golden Gate Bridge before the route traces Highway 1 south to a frantic finish in Santa Cruz.

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Author: RaphaContinental
Date: 20 Jan 2009 4:51:43 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: California (CA)
Distance: 120.94 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 22283 ft
Total Loss: 22523 ft
Net Change: -240 ft
Difficulty: 9 / 10
Tags: 2009 Tour of California, California, Rapha Continental, Santa Cruz
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Photos courtesy of the Rapha Continental

Bissell's Ben Jacques-Maynes knows the local roads intimately and is an inveterate Santa Cruz-area booster (he helped with the area organizing committee's bid for a ToC stage). A strong climber and time-trialist, Jacques-Maynes plans to leverage his hometown know-how. "I don't see this stage coming down to a sprint," he says, noting the climb up Bonny Doon Road near the finish. While a group of 30 or so could hit the finish intact, "it's a fast descent with some tight corners," he says. "You're not going to be able to organize a chase of a guy who's even 20 to 30 seconds up the road."

Departing from Sausalito, the neutral start will see Tour of California pros cruise across the Golden Gate Bridge (a first for bike racers) before kicking it into gear on Highway 1. If the coastal winds are friendly, the peloton might stay intact until the first climb up Tunitas Creek Road. After a tight, twisting descent, the route jogs south again on Highway 1, before tackling Bonny Doon Road (a 7-mile, 2,000-foot climb) and another daredevil descent towards the Santa Cruz finish line.

WATCH: Plan for some race chasing. Snap a pic of the pack crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, then take Highway 1 to I-280 and over SH 22 to Half Moon Bay. Cruise south on the One to the Tunitas Creek climb, a steep, broken-pavement trench. "You have to pick your line," says Jacques-Maynes. South again on Highway 1, hit Bonny Doon Road. A mile up, the pitch kicks up to 12 percent. "That's where you'll see the fireworks," he predicts.

SLEEP: The Sea and Sand Inn is the most affordable hotel near the city's historic boardwalk; all rooms have ocean views.

EAT: Jacques-Maynes recommends Mobo Sushi on Front Street in Santa Cruz; the local favorite opens for dinner at 5:00.

GEAR: Before turning pro, Jacques-Maynes turned wrenches at Santa Cruz's Spokesman.

RIDE: A favorite road ride is a 40-mile climber's "lollipop" up Highway 9 to Boulder Creek, then a loop of 236, which bisects Big Basin State Park and "a massive redwood forest," says Jacques-Maynes.

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Position Format: Datum:

Tour of California Stage 2

Distance: 115.09 mi Points: 1759
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.72 mi Continue on El Camino del Mar St Then go 0.19 mi
2 0.91 mi Turn left at 25th Ave Then go 0.52 mi
3 1.43 mi Turn right at Geary Blvd Then go 1.00 mi
4 2.42 mi Continue on Point Lobos Ave Then go 0.79 mi
5 3.21 mi Slight right to stay on Point Lobos Ave Then go 0.04 mi
6 3.25 mi Continue on Great Hwy/Upper Great Hwy Then go 0.51 mi
7 3.75 mi Slight left to stay on Great Hwy/Upper Great Hwy Then go 3.09 mi
8 6.84 mi Turn right at CA-35/Skyline Blvd Then go 2.50 mi
9 9.34 mi Slight right Then go 0.06 mi
10 9.40 mi Turn left at Westridge Ave Then go 0.04 mi
11 9.44 mi Slight right at CA-35/Skyline Blvd Then go 1.48 mi
12 10.93 mi Bear Right - Hwy 1 Then go 13.01 mi
13 23.94 mi Slight right to stay on CA-1 Then go 2.31 mi
14 26.25 mi Slight right to stay on CA-1 Then go 1.04 mi
15 27.29 mi Slight right to stay on CA-1 Then go 1.14 mi
16 28.43 mi Slight right to stay on CA-1 Then go 8.49 mi
17 36.92 mi Turn left at Tunitas Creek Rd Then go 2.02 mi
18 38.94 mi Turn right to stay on Tunitas Creek Rd Then go 7.31 mi
19 46.24 mi Sharp right at CA-35/Skyline Blvd Then go 5.38 mi
20 51.62 mi Turn right at Linwood Way Then go 0.06 mi
21 51.68 mi Slight right at Blakewood Way Then go 0.12 mi
22 51.80 mi Turn right to stay on Blakewood Way Then go 0.09 mi
23 51.89 mi Turn right at CA-84/La Honda Rd Then go 14.90 mi
24 66.79 mi Turn left at CA-1 Then go 28.03 mi
25 94.82 mi Turn left at Bonny Doon Rd Then go 3.67 mi
26 98.49 mi Continue on Pine Flat Rd Then go 3.72 mi
27 102.20 mi Slight right at Empire Grade Rd Then go 3.72 mi
28 105.93 mi Slight left at Qry Bend Rd Then go 0.66 mi
29 106.58 mi Turn left at Empire Grade Rd Then go 4.77 mi
30 111.35 mi Continue on High St Then go 0.44 mi
31 111.79 mi Turn right at Bay St Then go 1.09 mi
32 112.88 mi Turn left at CA-1/Mission St Then go 0.49 mi
33 113.37 mi Turn right at Walnut Ave Then go 0.16 mi
34 113.53 mi Slight right at Lincoln St Then go 0.26 mi
35 113.80 mi Turn right at Center St Then go 0.49 mi
36 114.28 mi Center St turns slightly left and becomes Washington St Then go 0.04 mi
37 114.32 mi Turn left at Pacific Ave Then go 0.16 mi
38 114.48 mi Slight right at Front St

Neutral Start

Distance: 5.85 mi Points: 135
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 3.15 mi Bear Left - US-101 (Note: Bicycles CANNOT ride this route!)

Points of Interest

Cranking up Tunitas

Location: 37.394335, -122.366967
A cool, dark climb covered in Redwoods, Tunitas Creek Road offers a private place for suffering. Due to the ride's early flat terrain, it's likely that the first break of the day may not get free until this first climb of note (which gains about 2,200 feet in 10 miles). © Rapha

The Spinnaker

Location: 37.857088, -122.479459
The peloton will roll out on a neutral warm-up through Sausalito from the Spinnaker Restaurant in historic Sausalito. If you're riding the stage yourself and looking for a pre-ride caffeine boost, check out Caffe Trieste, just a quarter-mile west at 1000 Bridgeway.

Riding the Gate

Location: 37.816972, -122.478333
The Tour of California peloton will be the first ever to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on the main road. Unfortunately mere mortals are still relegated to the bridgeside path. © Rapha

Stage 2 Official Start

Location: 37.798315, -122.478923

The Great Highway

Location: 37.777737, -122.513008
The Pacific Coast stretches out to the horizon as the route curls south on the Great Highway. This view is just an appetizer of vistas to come. © Rapha

Golden Gate Park

Location: 37.765874, -122.510079
The Pacific from Golden Gate Park © Rapha

View from the 1

Location: 37.747033, -122.508631
Highway 1: Where bicycles come to play with the Pacific.

Approaching Devil's Slide

Location: 37.585296, -122.514210
As Highway 1 departs from Pacifica the road narrows and spits out onto the exposed contour of a steep bluff (known to locals as Devil's Slide).

Healthy Shoulder

Location: 37.547436, -122.512493
Some stretches of the 1 have ample shoulder; others don't.

Moss Beach Agriculture

Location: 37.516943, -122.498932
California's agricultural landscape extends to the tip of the Pacific in Moss Beach.

Skyline Boulevard

Location: 37.425218, -122.313066
Covered in trees, Skyline offers a winding and twisting descent to La Honda.

Alice's Restaurant

Location: 37.386731, -122.265043
Riding with friends? Here's good spot to regroup after dropping down the backside of Tunitas. © Rapha

San Gregorio Creek Valley

Location: 37.313451, -122.325640
Heading down from La Honda back to Highway 1, the route traces an expansive coastal valley alongside San Gregorio Creek.

Snacktime at the San Gregorio Market

Location: 37.326932, -122.386794
Another great spot to pit stop at if you're riding any section of this route on your own. © Rapha

Back on Highway 1

Location: 37.308673, -122.404432
After descending from La Honda, the route returns to Highway 1 for more classic Pacific coast riding. If the winds are at your back, Highway 1 can be blissful. If they're not, well... © Rapha

Pigeon Point Light Station

Location: 37.181655, -122.394090
One of the tallest light houses in the U.S., Pigeon Point Light Station is well worth a short detour off the main route. The lighthouse keeper's housing has been restored as a hostel, so Pigeon Point is a great alternative for those riding a longer chunk of Highway 1 and looking to break up the trip.

Bonnie Doon Road

Location: 37.001182, -122.180243
Climbing north into the California redwoods, Bonny Doon is the last test of the day. It's got a modest bite to it (relative to other TOC climbs at least), and is placed far enough from the finish that whether the peloton will catch the break before Santa Cruz is a bit up in the air.

Stage 2 Finish Area

Location: 36.975027, -122.025404


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