Bozeman, MT: Springhill Road 

A popular Bozeman area road route along the foothills of the Bridger Mountains.

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Author: Jason Karp
Date: 28 Nov 2008 1:53:26 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Montana (MT)
Distance: 27.68 mi  (Change units)
Calories: 1691
Average Speed: Overall: 14.9 mph - 0:04:02/mi
Active: 14.9 mph - 0:04:02/mi
Duration: Total: 1:51:51
Active: 1:51:40
Resting: 0:00:11
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 944 ft
Total Loss: 944 ft
Net Change: 1 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Belgrade, Bozeman, Montana, Springhill
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Springhill Road is a regular training route with the local bike club and race teams.  The busy parts near Bozeman have a good rideable shoulder.  It doesn't take long to get out of town and to the rolling wheat and barley fields on the foothills of the Bridger Mountains.  This ride features out and backs on Springhill Community Road and Springhill Road.  At each turn-around take a minute to enjoy a panoramic view of the Gallatin Valley surrounded by up close and distant mountain ranges.

TO TRAILHEAD: City Brew Coffee, 1975 Cattail St. in Bozeman, Mt (just off North 19th Ave, south of the I-90 interchange).

Position Format: Datum:

Distance: 27.68 mi Points: 666 Calories: 1691
Total Time: 1:51:51 Speed: 14.8 mph Pace: 4:02 / mi
Active Time: 1:51:40 Speed: 14.9 mph Pace: 4:02 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Start - City Brew. North 19th Ave. Bozeman Then go 0.05 mi
2 0.05 mi Bear Left - Bike Path along N. 19th Then go 0.19 mi
3 0.24 mi Turn Right - Jct. Valley Center Road-N. 19th (bike path ends) Then go 0.02 mi
4 0.26 mi Bear Left - North 19th Ave (cross over I-90) Then go 0.74 mi
5 1.00 mi Turn Right - Springhill Road Then go 8.47 mi
6 9.48 mi Turn Right - Springhill Community Road Then go 1.64 mi
7 11.12 mi U-Turn - Springhill Community Road (end of pavement) Then go 1.63 mi
8 12.75 mi Turn Right - Springhill Road Then go 2.72 mi
9 15.47 mi U-Turn - Springhill Road (end of pavement) Then go 11.22 mi
10 26.69 mi Turn Left - North 19th Avenue Then go 0.70 mi
11 27.40 mi Bear Right - Jct. Valley Center Road-N. 19th (bike path begins after cross walk) Then go 0.22 mi
12 27.61 mi Bear Right - City Brew parking lot Then go 0.06 mi
13 27.68 mi Stop - City Brew. N. 19th Ave. Bozeman

Points of Interest

City Brew

Location: 45.708202, -111.066274
Amongst the big box stores and strip malls along North 19th Avenue is City Brew. A good place for a pre-ride caffine jolt or to warm up on a chilly day.


Location: 45.787547, -111.082120
Some impressive elk sculptures at Baseline Road. It's not uncommon to see the real thing on this route (but not during hunting season).

Ross Peak

Location: 45.838816, -111.042466
The end of the pave on Springhill Community Road gets up close to Ross Peak in the Bridgers. The house in the foreground was the set for the Maclean home in the Robert Redford movie "A River Runs Through It".

Springhill Road false flat

Location: 45.859711, -111.081905
No, your brake pad is not rubbing. Though it looks pretty flat-it's an optical illusion. You're actually on a pretty stout climb at the end of Springhill Road.

Reese Creek School

Location: 45.875519, -111.079974
Turn around at the end of the pave by the Reese Creek School house and fire station (that little gray building next door).

Welcome to Bozeman

Location: 45.709963, -111.065791
Bozeman, MT (population 35,000). Home to Montana State University, and a darn nice town to start and finish a bike ride. There's a bike path (right of the sign) from City Brew's parking lot to Valley Center Road that lets you avoid the busiest section of North 19th.

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