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Bozeman, MT: Hyalite Canyon-Bozeman Trail Road Loop 

A Bozeman favorite, this 46.4-mile road ride winds through Hyalite Canyon and ends with a series of scenic rollers on Bozeman Trail Road.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 6 Oct 2008 5:54:22 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Montana (MT)
Distance: 46.37 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 3114 ft
Total Loss: 3114 ft
Net Change: 0 ft
Difficulty: 7 / 10
Tags: Bozeman, Gallatin Valley, Hyalite Canyon, Montana
Rating:   3 rating(s) Rate it

Add this classic Bozeman road route to your must-ride list. Starting downtown at Montana Ale Works, the route winds south, leaving town on a steady uphill grade. After 9 miles, the climbing stiffens as you turn south onto Hyalite Canyon Road, a scenic, two-lane road that parallels the cascading Hyalite Creek. Prepare for a challenging, 10-mile climb up the canyon to Hyalite Reservoir, a fish-filled lake at the foot of the Gallatin Range. (Bring extra layers—you'll feel a noticeable temperature drop as you enter the canyon). Ride across the dam to the end of the paved road and enjoy up-close views of the surrounding peaks.

When you're ready, turn around and begin the exhilarating descent back down Hyalite Canyon to S. 19th Avenue. If you're feeling tired, call it a day and head back to town at the intersection of South 3rd Avenue and Nash Road. Otherwise, return to downtown Bozeman the scenic way—follow Nash Road, Sourdough Road, and Kagy Boulevard to Bozeman Trail Road, a quiet country road with scenic rollers.

-Mapped by Jason Karp

TO TRAILHEAD: The ride starts at Montana Ale Works at 611 E. Main St.

Position Format: Datum:

Hyalite Canyon-Bozeman Trail Road Loop

Distance: 46.37 mi Points: 1330
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Hyalite Canyon-Bozeman Trail Road Loop
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Start - Montana Ale Works Then go 0.01 mi
2 0.01 mi Turn Right - Wallace Ave. Then go 0.05 mi
3 0.06 mi Turn Left - Mendenhall St. Then go 0.49 mi
4 0.54 mi Turn Left - Willson Ave. Then go 1.40 mi
5 1.95 mi Straight - S. 3rd Ave. Then go 0.76 mi
6 2.70 mi Straight - Wagon Wheel Rd. Then go 0.80 mi
7 3.51 mi Turn Left - S. 3rd Ave. Then go 0.41 mi
8 3.91 mi Turn Right - Goldenstein Ln. Then go 0.19 mi
9 4.10 mi Turn Left - S. 3rd Ave. Then go 2.91 mi
10 7.02 mi Turn Right - Bristol Ln. Then go 0.63 mi
11 7.65 mi Turn Left - Nez Perce Dr. Then go 0.33 mi
12 7.98 mi Turn Left - S. 19th Ave. Then go 1.10 mi
13 9.08 mi Turn Left - Hyalite Canyon Rd. Then go 10.22 mi
14 19.29 mi U-Turn - Hyalite Canyon Rd. Then go 10.19 mi
15 29.48 mi Turn Right - S. 19th Ave. Then go 1.10 mi
16 30.58 mi Turn Right - Nez Perce Dr. Then go 0.31 mi
17 30.90 mi Turn Right - Bristol Ln. Then go 0.64 mi
18 31.54 mi Turn Left - S. 3rd Ave. Then go 0.91 mi
19 32.45 mi Turn Right - Nash Rd. Then go 1.45 mi
20 33.90 mi Turn Left - Sourdough Rd. Then go 3.59 mi
21 37.49 mi Turn Right - Kagy Blvd. Then go 1.24 mi
22 38.74 mi Straight - Bozeman Trail Rd. Then go 3.01 mi
23 41.75 mi Turn Left - Frontage Rd. Then go 3.52 mi
24 45.27 mi Straight - Main St. Then go 1.03 mi
25 46.31 mi Turn Right - Montana Ale Works Then go 0.06 mi
26 46.37 mi Stop - Montana Ale Works

Points of Interest

Start/End: Montana Ale Works

Location: 45.679823, -111.028280
The ride starts and finishes at <a href="">Montana Ale Works</a>, a converted Northern Pacific Railroad warehouse. The old freight car in front of the restaurant is used as an outdoor dining area. Post ride: Rehash the day's ride over a wide variety of Montana microbrews. © Jason Karp

Story Mansion

Location: 45.670967, -111.038933
Ride past the Story Mansion, which was built by a member of one of Bozeman's most prominent and historic families. The mansion was used as a fraternity house for many years before being acquired by the city in the interest of preserving it. © Jason Karp

Wagon Wheel Road

Location: 45.649494, -111.041954
The route continues straight onto Wagon Wheel Road to avoid the traffic on S. 3rd Avenue.

South 3rd Avenue

Location: 45.610855, -111.052506
The route climbs up S. 3rd Avenue (anytime you head south from Bozeman, expect to go uphill). © Jason Karp

South 3rd Pond

Location: 45.598064, -111.046204
Brilliant fall colors ring this private pond in the Mystic Heights subdivision. © Jason Karp

Hyalite Canyon

Location: 45.559738, -111.068520
The hillsides turn brilliant colors in the fall. © Jason Karp

Hyalite Creek

Location: 45.545312, -111.045685
Ride right next to the rippling Hyalite Creek on the first half of the climb. © Jason Karp

Hyalite Creek

Location: 45.538761, -111.020020
The sunlight bounces off the canyon walls and lights up the fall colors along the creek. © Jason Karp

Langhor Campground

Location: 45.533650, -111.014614
Langhor Campground is a little more than half way up the climb. This is a common turnaround point for those not going all the way to the top. © Jason Karp

Blackmore Day Use Area

Location: 45.485878, -110.979828
Continue straight. Mountain bikers often start their rides at the Blackmore Day Use Area on the right. There's a big paved parking area, boat ramp, picnic tables, and rest rooms (the outhouse variety).

Hyalite Reservoir

Location: 45.488426, -110.976906
Hyalite Reservoir is a popular fishing hole. Leave your big motor boat at home--there's a no wake rule. In late September the water levels are low. © Jason Karp

Pavement Ends

Location: 45.488419, -110.975905
Don't turn around yet--sprint across the dam to the end of pavement (just past the spillway). This is the end of the line for road bikes, but mountain bikers can continue on the dirt road for a variety of mountain bike trails. © Jason Karp

Intersection: South 3rd and Nash Road

Location: 45.605496, -111.052444
If you're feeling tired, continue straight on S. 3rd Avenue and head back to town. To lengthen your ride, turn right onto Nash Road.

Sourdough Canyon Road

Location: 45.605618, -111.027252
Ride past Sourdough Canyon Road (on the right). The Sourdough Canyon Trailhead is just a little ways up this road. This popular mountain bike trail winds along Bozeman Creek to Mystic Lake and beyond. In the winter the <a href="">Bridger Ski Foundation</a> grooms the trail to the Mystic Lake cabin for cross-country skiing (the preferred method for Bozeman-area cyclists to stay in shape during the winter). © Jason Karp

Sourdough Road

Location: 45.605690, -111.022057
Turn left and head north on Sourdough Road for a fast-paced descent back into town. Use caution and ride single file--the shoulder is narrow here. Hammerheads might be able to keep up with the cars.

Bozeman Trail Road

Location: 45.656408, -111.000280
Kagy Boulevard turns into Bozeman Trail Road as you leave the city limits, heading east toward Bear Canyon and Bozeman Pass. The road is a bit narrow, but traffic is light. © Jason Karp

Historic Info

Location: 45.668526, -110.975540
A good bit of history is recounted on this sign next to the Frontage Road. © Jason Karp


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