Bozeman, MT: City and University Tour 

A tour around Bozeman and Montana State University. Many of the landmarks featured will be of interest to cyclists.

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Author: Jason Karp
Date: 16 Sep 2008 6:17:31 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Montana (MT)
Distance: Total: 17.9 mi
Active: 17.89 mi
  (Change units)
Calories: 1148
Average Speed: Overall: 10.9 mph - 0:05:31/mi
Active: 11.1 mph - 0:05:23/mi
Duration: Total: 1:38:51
Active: 1:36:19
Resting: 0:02:32
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 525 ft
Total Loss: 526 ft
Net Change: -1 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Bike Shops, Bobcats, Bozeman, Montana, Montana State University
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Bicycles tied to every tree, post, and street sign is evidence that many people are discovering what I know...Bozeman is a great town for bicycles.  This ride stays within the City limits of Bozeman and primarily follows designated bike routes.  I started out by riding through the new residential developments on the western outskirts of town, then making my way over to the gritty northside neighborhood where all manner of warehouses and industrial buildings are being transformed into residential, retail, and office uses.  After crossing Main Street the ride took me over Highland Boulevard on a path and then down Kagy Boulevard to the Montana State University campus.  After nice casual ride through campus I headed downtown to tour past each of Bozeman's five bike shops before ending my ride where I started at the Bozeman Pond just off West Main Street next to the Gallatin Valley Mall.  This ride hits some high points, but there are lots more cycling opportunities to discover in Bozeman, including many trails that work well with cross-bikes or mountain bikes-a network known as Main Street to the Mountains.

Position Format: Datum:

Distance: 17.90 mi Points: 757 Calories: 1148
Total Time: 1:38:51 Speed: 10.9 mph Pace: 5:31 / mi
Active Time: 1:36:19 Speed: 11.1 mph Pace: 5:23 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.05 mi Turn Right - Fowler Avenue out of the Bozeman Pond parking area Then go 0.04 mi
2 0.08 mi Turn Left - Fallon Street Then go 0.50 mi
3 0.59 mi Turn Right - Ferguson Avenue Then go 0.87 mi
4 1.46 mi Turn Left - Durston Road Then go 0.25 mi
5 1.71 mi Turn Right - Flanders Mill Road Then go 0.99 mi
6 2.70 mi Turn Right - Baxter Lane Then go 2.33 mi
7 5.03 mi Turn Right - North 11th Avenue Then go 0.32 mi
8 5.35 mi Turn Left - West Oak Street Then go 0.99 mi
9 6.34 mi Turn Right - North Rouse Avenue Then go 0.18 mi
10 6.52 mi Turn Right - East Tamarack Street Then go 0.41 mi
11 6.93 mi Turn Left - North Grand Avenue Then go 0.21 mi
12 7.14 mi Turn Left - East Peach Street Then go 0.71 mi
13 7.85 mi Bear Right - Avacado Street Then go 0.09 mi
14 7.94 mi Turn Right - North Broadway Avenue Then go 0.39 mi
15 8.33 mi Turn Right - East Main Street (I went to the library for a picture) Then go 0.07 mi
16 8.40 mi U-Turn - Cross Main Street in front of the library and go East Then go 0.21 mi
17 8.61 mi Turn Right - Cypress Avenue Then go 0.20 mi
18 8.80 mi Bear Right - Street become East Curtiss Street Then go 0.16 mi
19 8.97 mi Bear Right - East Curtiss Street Then go 0.08 mi
20 9.05 mi Turn Right - Bike Path along Highland Boulevard Then go 1.51 mi
21 10.56 mi Turn Right - East Kagy Boulevard Then go 1.15 mi
22 11.71 mi Turn Left - Museum of the Rockies parking lot Then go 0.22 mi
23 11.93 mi Straight - Exit Museum parking lot to the west toward the stadium Then go 0.09 mi
24 12.02 mi Turn Right - South 7th Avenue Then go 0.43 mi
25 12.46 mi Turn Left - West Grant Street Then go 0.28 mi
26 12.74 mi Turn Right - South 11th Avenue Then go 0.10 mi
27 12.84 mi Turn Right - Aasheim Gate-Centennial Mall Then go 0.35 mi
28 13.19 mi Turn Left - South 6th Avenue-Caution much of this area is under construction Then go 0.14 mi
29 13.32 mi Straight - West Cleveland Street-after construction is over turn left here go to 8th Street and turn right Then go 0.06 mi
30 13.38 mi Turn Left - West Harrison-caution construction Then go 0.12 mi
31 13.50 mi Turn Right - South 8th Avenue Then go 0.41 mi
32 13.92 mi Turn Right - West Koch Street Then go 0.44 mi
33 14.36 mi Turn Left - South Willson Avenue Then go 0.13 mi
34 14.49 mi Turn Left - West Olive Street Then go 0.18 mi
35 14.66 mi Turn Right - South 4th Avenue-South Grand works too Then go 0.06 mi
36 14.73 mi Turn Right - West Babcock-get in left lane (one way street) Then go 0.31 mi
37 15.04 mi Turn Left - South Black Avenue Then go 0.07 mi
38 15.11 mi Turn Left - Main Street Then go 1.53 mi
39 16.64 mi Bear Right - West Babcock Street Then go 0.79 mi
40 17.43 mi Turn Left - Fowler Avenue Then go 0.40 mi
41 17.83 mi Turn Left - Bozeman Pond parking area

Points of Interest

Bozeman Pond

Location: 45.673143, -111.081948
A nice park next to the Gallatin Valley Mall. Plenty of parking, shelter, picnic tables, rest rooms, drinking fountian, and even an outdoor shower.

Ferguson Avenue

Location: 45.673338, -111.093578
Across from The <a href="">Ridge Athletic Club</a>. Many newer streets like Ferguson Avenue are striped with bike lanes. Bozeman has an extensive network of bike routes...of course to me any public road (even interstate highways in Montana) is a bike route.

Baxter Lane round-a-bout

Location: 45.700230, -111.093149
Round-a-bouts are starting show up around Bozeman-especially in the many new subdivisions on the northwest side of town. This round-a-bout wasn't too popular with the locals-especially farmers who have a hard time negotiating big vehicles though it.

North 19th Avenue

Location: 45.700305, -111.065340
This major thoroughfare connects I-90 to MSU. Many "big box" stores have sprung up on this busy street including Target, Home Depot, and Lowes.

North 7th Avenue

Location: 45.692856, -111.046200
Before there was N. 19th, there was N. 7th. A busy street with "big boxes" such as Walmart and chains like Applebees.

The "M"

Location: 45.692946, -111.036995
The <a href="">"M"</a> on Mt Baldy has been a Bozeman landmark since 1915 when Montana State College students decided to make a lasting tribute to their school. It's easy to get to from Bridger Drive and is a very popular hiking area.

Gallatin County Fairgrounds

Location: 45.688794, -111.037338
The fairgrounds host all kinds of events-including the <a href="">The Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club</a>'s huge bike swap in April.

Peach and Wallace

Location: 45.685901, -111.028132
Bozeman's gritty northside neighborhood is seeing a lot of old warehouses and industrial buildings being converted to offices and retail. The grain elevator to the left made an appearance in the movie "A River Runs Through It".

Bozeman Brewing Company

Location: 45.684477, -111.023948
<a href="">Bozeman Brewing Company</a> 504 North Broadway. A northside micro brewery. It's easy to get here by bicycle. The photo only shows a small portion of the bikes parked outside the building.

Bozeman Public Library

Location: 45.678960, -111.027424
Built on the site of the Milwaukee Railroad depot, the new <a href="">Bozeman Public Library</a> at 626 E. Main makes a striking addition to the east end of downtown.

Lindley Center

Location: 45.676442, -111.022682
The view from the <a href="">Lindley Center</a>. The large building beyond the softball fields is the Life of Montana Building. I guess it's supposed to look like the Greek Parthenon. <a href="">The Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club</a> holds their annual spring and fall parties at the Lindley Center.

Highland Boulevard

Location: 45.674523, -111.018906
<a href="">Bozeman Deaconess Hospital</a> from the path along Highland Boulevard. Let's hope as a cyclist you never need this place. The field to the right of the photo is groomed all winter for cross-country skiing by the <a href="">Bridger Ski Foundation</a>

Hyalite Peak

Location: 45.656640, -111.022307
At the intersection of Highland and Kagy. I think I know that cyclist.

Big Mike

Location: 45.658808, -111.044998
The T-Rex sculpture in front of the <a href="">Museum of the Rockies</a>. "Big Mike" is named in honor of the late MSU President, Mike Malone. The museum is a must see for any Bozeman visitor.

Bobcat Stadium

Location: 45.659048, -111.049569
Right next to the Museum of the Rockies on Kagy Boulevard-Bobcat Stadium is home to the <a href="">Montana State Bobcats</a> football team. On game days the street name changes to Bobcat Boulevard. Lots of folks come to the football games on bicycles-it's a great way to beat the traffic.

Wind Arc

Location: 45.665346, -111.046543
This <a href="">massive wind sculpture</a> affectionately known as "The Noodle" turns easily with a light breeze.

Grant Street

Location: 45.665346, -111.047487
A sunset view of Romney Gym and Roskie Residence Hall-with the Tobacco Root Mountains in the far background.

MSU Recreation and Fitness Center

Location: 45.664881, -111.050491
The brand new <a href="">recreation and fitness center</a> next to the Fieldhouse. This place blew me away when I toured it with my daughter this summer. Why couldn't we have had it when I went to school?

Brick Breeden Fieldhouse

Location: 45.665061, -111.051993
<a href="">The Brick Breeden Fieldhouse</a> is the most prominent structure on Bozeman's skyline-the big dome can be seen for miles around. It's the home for <a href="">Montana State Bobcats</a> basketball. Opened in 1957, this was one of the most innovative buildings of its kind and is one of the most heavily used indoor spaces in Montana.

Montana Hall-Centennial Mall

Location: 45.667206, -111.051157
The heart of <a href="">MSU</a> along the Centennial Mall. For years this was just a blocked street (Garfield Street). To help celebrate MSU's 100th anniversary in 1993 funds were raised to refurbish the street into the beautiful walking, biking, skateboarding, rollerblading path that it is today.

Reid Hall-Centennial Mall

Location: 45.667056, -111.048603
For many years, bikes were not allowed to be ridden through the heart of the campus. MSU recently lifted the restriction and now bikes are everywhere. I enjoyed my ride on the mall-but I made sure to go very slow so as not to run anyone over or collide with another bicyclist.

The Pickel Barrel

Location: 45.671269, -111.048517
Located near the corner of College and 8th (809 West College), the <a href="">Pickel Barrel</a> makes the best sandwiches in the world. I always get the cheesesteak. This place is a Bozeman institution.

Joe's Parkway Market

Location: 45.671389, -111.049547
<a href="">Joe's Parkway</a> is a tiny grocery store at 903 West College with a huge variety of wines, cheeses, and sauces. I go there for a big cheap fountain pop-on my way to the Pickel Barrel.

Cooper Park

Location: 45.674793, -111.047702
Need some stress therapy? Get a big pop (soda) from Joe's Parkway, a cheesesteak from the Pickel Barrel, go down the street to Cooper Park, sit under a tree, and read a book. Life doesn't get much better.

Willson Avenue

Location: 45.676247, -111.038733
This tree lined thoroughfare has some of Bozeman's most beautiful and stately homes. It's a fun street to ride bike on-especially headed north (downhill).

Summit Bike and Ski

Location: 45.678556, -111.039977
Summit Bike and Ski at 26 South Grand has taken good care of my commuter bike over the years. Always prompt and never too expensive. The Baxter Hotel on Main Street is in the background.

Owenhouse Bicycling and Fitness

Location: 45.678541, -111.035943
Owenhouse Bicycling and Fitness at 25 South Black can fix anything, and they have a lot of accessories and fitness equipment. They're really strong in mountain bikes and BMX bikes.

Downtown Bozeman

Location: 45.679320, -111.037295
Bozeman has very vibrant <a href="">downtown</a>. There are plenty of shops, galleries, bars, and restuarants to chose from.

Chalet Sports

Location: 45.679245, -111.038969
Electra Cruiser bikes lined up in front of Chalet Sports 108 West Main. A nice bike and ski shop right in the middle of downtown. This is the place to get the official Montana State University Cycling jersey-along with a lot of other clothing, gear, and accessories.

Bangtail Bike and Ski

Location: 45.679290, -111.044204
Bikes in the summer, cross-country skis in the winter. These guys take good care of my road bike. In the summer cyclists meet in front of <a href="">Bangtail</a> on Monday nights for a ride.

Round House Sports Center

Location: 45.679215, -111.056993
The Round House has a nice bike shop and a lot of bikes-both road and mountain. In the winter they have ski stuff and winter clothing.

The Duck Pond

Location: 45.666351, -111.051886
The <a href="">Duck Pond</a> on 11th Street is currently being renovated. The ducks are temporarily gone-but when it's done they will love their new home.

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