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Bozeman, MT: Bikin' with the Eagles 

Combining three popular Bozeman cycling routes, this metric century charity ride tackles both the plains and the canyons around Gallatin Valley.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 16 Sep 2008 8:56:08 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Montana (MT)
Distance: 59.72 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 3735 ft
Total Loss: 3735 ft
Net Change: 0 ft
Difficulty: 7 / 10
Tags: Bozeman, Gallatin Valley, Montana
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

The Bikin' with the Eagles ride not only offers an ultra-scenic tour through the Gallatin Valley, it also benefits Eagle Mount—an organization dedicated to creating therapeutic recreational opportunities for people with disabilities.

Starting from the Eagle Mount facility south of Bozeman, the ride warms up in the foothills for 12 miles before ducking into the canyons for a 10-mile, 1,000-foot climb up to Hyalite Reservoir. The ride up Hyalite Canyon Road runs alongside a mountain creek, making for great rhythm climbing and a blistering descent. The final 17 miles of the ride tackle three shorter but still punchy climbs, each with its own payoff descent.

Info: Eagle Mount

-Mapped by Jason Karp

TO TRAILHEAD: The ride starts and ends at the Eagle Mount facility at 6901 Goldenstein Lane.

Position Format: Datum:

Bikin' with the Eagles

Distance: 59.72 mi Points: 1561
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Bikin' with the Eagles

Points of Interest

Start/End: Eagle Mount Center

Location: 45.634926, -111.052597
The ride starts and finishes at the Eagle Mount Center, a facility with offices, a meeting room, and a brand new swim center. ©Jason Karp

Kagy Korner Store

Location: 45.660622, -111.038178
If you're riding this route unsupported, the Kagy Korner Store is a good place to top off supplies.

Sourdough Road

Location: 45.654400, -111.025513
This is a popular route for Bozeman cyclists: the traffic doesn't move too fast, but the road is narrow so ride single file.

Nash Road

Location: 45.605602, -111.023583
A nice quiet road that's fun to ride in either direction. ©Jason Karp

Bozeman in the distance

Location: 45.590858, -111.067057
A rain shower passes over Bozeman. ©Jason Karp


Location: 45.590798, -111.086540
A hand cyclist and recumbent trike. Hand cyclists are amazing athletes in their own right and can move at a pretty good clip. ©Jason Karp

Hyalite Canyon

Location: 45.549130, -111.053276
Hyalite Canyon Road is a favorite amongst Bozeman roadies. It's a challenging, but beautiful 10-mile climb along the cascading Hyalite Creek.

Hyalite Reservior

Location: 45.488297, -110.974876
The pavement ends on the east side of the dam. There are outhouses and picnic tables by the parking area next to the dam.

19th Avenue

Location: 45.591038, -111.100960
Catching up to a rider on 19th Avenue. ©Jason Karp

Top of Cottonwood

Location: 45.568390, -111.114349
Looking down Cottonwood. It's a long, steady, downhill to Gallatin Gateway. ©Jason Karp

Sharp Turn

Location: 45.576531, -111.146103
You'll be flying downhill at a pretty good rate, so prepare for this sharp right-hand turn, and keep an eye out for oncoming traffic.

Gateway Store

Location: 45.591129, -111.197006
This convenience store comes in handy when you're riding out here (the Game Sports Bar is attached).

Gateway Bike Path

Location: 45.591459, -111.196811
Leave the US 191 shoulder for a brief spin on the bike path. ©Jason Karp

Gooch Hill

Location: 45.616799, -111.145763
Even on rainy and cloudy days, the views from Gooch Hill are incredible. ©Jason Karp

Huffine Lane/US 191

Location: 45.670925, -111.124947
This 5-lane highway has a really wide shoulder with a rumble strip between you and the traffic. Watch for tire-eating debris.


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