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Bozeman, MT: Tour de Spud 

Ride through Gallatin Valley's seed potato country on this 46.5-mile loop that visits the scenic hamlets of Churchill, Amsterdam, and Manhattan.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 16 Sep 2008 8:50:58 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Montana (MT)
Distance: 46.49 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 782 ft
Total Loss: 814 ft
Net Change: -33 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Belgrade, MT, Bozeman, Four Corners, MT, Gallatin Valley, Manhattan, MT, Montana
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Named for the numerous seed potato operations that dot the route, this must-do loop connects the tiny towns of Churchill, Amsterdam, and Manhattan and mimics the same-named ride hosted by the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club. Start at Lewis and Clark Park in Belgrade and cruise south out of town. After 11.7 miles, turn it up a notch by powering up a series of hills along Norris Road and Churchill Road before dropping into the hamlets of Churchill and Amsterdam.

After passing through Amsterdam, the route continues north into Manhattan where cyclists can refuel and refill their water bottles—you'll encounter another short stretch of rollers on Dyk Road. The final 15 miles of the ride trace the relatively flat and lightly traveled Dry Creek Road back to the start point in Belgrade. Post ride, park your bike on Belgrade's Main Street and grab a bite to eat at the Railway Sub Station.

-Mapped by Jason Karp

TO TRAILHEAD: The ride starts at Lewis and Clark Park in Belgrade, MT.

Position Format: Datum:

Tour de Spud

Distance: 46.49 mi Points: 344
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Start - Lewis and Clark Park Then go 0.04 mi
2 0.04 mi Turn right at E Main St Then go 0.14 mi
3 0.18 mi Take the 1st left onto N Broadway Then go 0.28 mi
4 0.46 mi Turn right at W Madison Ave Then go 0.22 mi
5 0.68 mi Turn left at Jackrabbit Ln Then go 1.01 mi
6 1.69 mi Turn right at Frank Rd Then go 1.01 mi
7 2.70 mi Turn left at Thorpe Rd Then go 1.01 mi
8 3.71 mi Take the 3rd right onto W Cameron Bridge Rd Then go 1.47 mi
9 5.18 mi Turn left at River Rd Then go 5.28 mi
10 10.46 mi Turn right at MT-84 W/Norris Rd Then go 2.55 mi
11 13.01 mi Turn right at Churchill Rd Then go 9.04 mi
12 22.05 mi Turn left at Amsterdam Rd Then go 1.01 mi
13 23.05 mi Take the 1st right onto Dyk Rd Then go 1.99 mi
14 25.04 mi Turn right at Stagecoach Trail Rd Then go 0.46 mi
15 25.50 mi Turn left at Churchill Rd Then go 4.88 mi
16 30.38 mi Continue onto Broadway St S Then go 0.36 mi
17 30.74 mi Turn right at E Railroad Ave N Then go 0.07 mi
18 30.81 mi Take the 1st left onto 5th St N Then go 0.33 mi
19 31.14 mi Continue straight onto W Dry Creek Rd Then go 15.17 mi
20 46.31 mi Turn left at E Central Ave Then go 0.14 mi
21 46.45 mi Turn right at N Davis St Then go 0.04 mi
22 46.49 mi Stop - Lewis and Clark Park

Points of Interest

Start/End: Belgrade, MT

Location: 45.775538, -111.174189
Lewis and Clark Park in Belgrade serves as the start and end point for the Tour de Spud. (It's also the start/finish for the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club's Annual Three River's Century, which takes place in late August.) The Town Pump C-Store adjacent to the park is a good place to stock up on supplies. © Jason Karp

Cameron Bridge

Location: 45.743494, -111.225693
Ride across Cameron Bridge at mile 4.6. © Brenda Karp

River Road

Location: 45.712443, -111.219749
Cyclists who ride this route in the fall will be accompanied by stark and dramatic shadows. © Jason Karp

River Road

Location: 45.697308, -111.216831
Montana's "Big Sky" is especially noticeable along this stretch of road. © Jason Karp


Location: 45.670954, -111.237967
You'll encounter a 4-mile stretch of roller coaster hills near mile 11.7.

Dairy Farm

Location: 45.685347, -111.285839
Spin past a dairy farm 15 miles into the route. In a mile, the route rounds to the north and descends into the tiny towns of Churchill and Amsterdam. © Jason Karp

Views along Churchill Road

Location: 45.685422, -111.305687
Look back toward Bos Hill for expansive views of the Bridger Mountains. © Jason Karp

Amsterdam Store

Location: 45.758212, -111.320043
This cyclist-friendly grocery store in Amsterdam serves as the rest stop (regrouping point) for the Tour de Spud group ride. It's a good place to stop and refuel. Note: This store is closed on Sundays. © Jason Karp

Leaving Amsterdam

Location: 45.758272, -111.327295
Ride west out of Amsterdam and tackle a short but steep hill. © Brenda Karp

Dyk Road

Location: 45.758781, -111.330600
Ride north along Dyk Road, a little-known road even among local cyclists. Look back toward Amsterdam for views of the Gallatin Valley. © Jason Karp

Potato Cellar

Location: 45.763841, -111.330600
One of several potato cellars along the route. © Jason Karp

Entering Manhattan

Location: 45.851088, -111.338089
Manhattan's big annual community event, the Potato Festival, takes place in August.

Thriftway Convenience Store

Location: 45.853524, -111.337080
Cyclists can stop at the Thriftway convenience store when the Amsterdam Store is closed.

Garden Cafe

Location: 45.856065, -111.333132
A lot of potato farmers hang out here...when they're not in the field.

Gallatin River

Location: 45.860309, -111.291128
Cross the Gallatin River and continue east. Watch for whitetail deer in the surrounding fields.

Dry Creek Road

Location: 45.874981, -111.195888
This stretch of highway between Belgrade and Manhattan is relatively flat, has light traffic, and usually serves as the state time trial course. Follow Dry Creek Road back to Lewis and Clark Park in Belgrade.

Railway Sub Station

Location: 45.778179, -111.180396
Post ride: There are lots of food and drink options in Belgrade. Swing by the Railway Sub Station on Main Street for a sandwich or ice cream.


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