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Bozeman, MT: Gallatin Valley Golden Triangle 

Save a weekend morning for this 34.5-mile loop connecting Belgrade, Bozeman, and Four Corners on idyllic roads with light traffic and photo-worthy views.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 12 Sep 2008 5:54:33 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Montana (MT)
Distance: 34.48 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 737 ft
Total Loss: 737 ft
Net Change: 0 ft
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Tags: Belgrade, MT, Bozeman, Four Corners, MT, Gallatin Valley, Montana
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Get an early start out of Belgrade to beat traffic on the busy (and narrow) stretch of road next to Gallatin Field Airport. Just past the airport, turn left onto the meandering Airport Road to start the tame 12-mile rise to Bozeman (which only gains about 400 feet of elevation).

Views of the Bridger Mountains extend to the east as you pedal past farmland and old industrial neighborhoods bordered by railroad tracks. At mile 14, turn right onto Main Street for a slight downhill spin through downtown Bozeman to the recently-paved Durston Road (you'll pass several coffee shops on the way out of town).

At the end of Durston, cruise through newly-platted subdivisions to Monforton School Road and Huffine Lane, then continue riding west through Four Corners. From here, the route crosses the Gallatin River and turns north onto the lightly-traveled and tranquil River Road for the 10-mile return trip to Belgrade.

-Mapped by Jason Karp

TO TRAILHEAD: Start at Belgrade City Hall on Central Ave. and Kennedy St. in Belgrade, MT.

Position Format: Datum:

Gallatin Valley Golden Triangle

Distance: 34.48 mi Points: 909
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Straight - Ride southeast on Central Ave. Then go 0.08 mi
2 0.08 mi Turn Right - Davis St. Then go 0.09 mi
3 0.17 mi Turn Left - Main St. Then go 1.47 mi
4 1.63 mi Turn Left - Airport Rd. Then go 1.28 mi
5 2.91 mi Bear Right - Airport Rd. Then go 1.08 mi
6 3.99 mi Bear Left - Spain Bridge Rd. Then go 0.22 mi
7 4.21 mi Bear Right - Airport Rd. Then go 1.48 mi
8 5.70 mi Turn Right - Springhill Rd. Then go 2.72 mi
9 8.42 mi Turn Left - McIlhattan Rd. Then go 0.24 mi
10 8.66 mi Bear Right - McIlhattan Rd. Then go 1.48 mi
11 10.14 mi Bear Right - Manley Rd. Then go 1.79 mi
12 11.93 mi Turn Left - Griffon Dr. Then go 0.30 mi
13 12.23 mi Turn Right - Rouse Ave. Then go 0.78 mi
14 13.02 mi Turn Left - Tamarack St. Then go 0.16 mi
15 13.18 mi Turn Right - Wallace St. Then go 0.64 mi
16 13.82 mi Turn Right - Main St./US 191. Optional: Turn left onto Main St. for a coffee break at the public library (mapped). Then go 2.06 mi
17 15.89 mi Bear Right - Babcock St. Then go 1.80 mi
18 17.69 mi Turn Right - Cottonwood Rd. Then go 0.51 mi
19 18.19 mi Turn Left - Durston Rd. Then go 2.25 mi
20 20.44 mi Straight - Follow paved roads southwest through the newly-platted Black Bull and Middle Creek subdivisions. Then go 1.17 mi
21 21.62 mi Turn Left - Monforton School Rd. Then go 0.51 mi
22 22.13 mi Turn Right - Huffine Ln. Then go 2.01 mi
23 24.14 mi Turn Right - River Rd. Then go 5.27 mi
24 29.41 mi Turn Right - Cameron Bridge Rd. Then go 1.44 mi
25 30.85 mi Turn Left - Thorpe Rd. Then go 1.01 mi
26 31.86 mi Turn Right - Frank Rd. Then go 0.99 mi
27 32.85 mi Turn Left - Jackrabbit Ln. Then go 0.94 mi
28 33.79 mi Turn Right - Jefferson Ave. Then go 0.21 mi
29 34.00 mi Turn Left - Colorado St. Then go 0.05 mi
30 34.05 mi Straight - Broadway Then go 0.37 mi
31 34.42 mi Turn Right - Central Ave.

Points of Interest

Belgrade City Hall

Location: 45.776634, -111.174892
Belgrade City Hall in downtown Belgrade, Montana.

Frontage Road

Location: 45.772575, -111.170067
Be cautious and ride single file on Frontage Road/MT 205. Traffic can be heavy on this stretch of road and there is minimal shoulder.

Airport Road

Location: 45.762405, -111.150497
Turn left onto Airport Road. If there's traffic, turn right into Knife River, Inc's driveway and wait for traffic to clear, then proceed across Frontage Road/MT 205 to Airport Road.

Bridger Mountains

Location: 45.772957, -111.118729
The view of Ross Peak in the Bridger Mountains from Airport Road.

Old Train Depot

Location: 45.688614, -111.027060
Bozeman's train depot has been closed since the 1970's. There's talk of bringing Amtrak back to the southern Montana route and thus resurrecting the old depot.

Bozeman Public Library

Location: 45.679287, -111.027741
For a mid-ride coffee break, ride by the coffee shop in Bozeman's new public library.

Downtown Bozeman

Location: 45.679379, -111.032791
The route heads west along Bozeman's Main Street for a slight downhill spin. If you don't like the traffic on Main Street, navigate through Bozeman on the quieter side streets.

Rockford Coffee

Location: 45.679350, -111.046221
Rockford Coffee at 7th and Main is a popular hang-out for cyclists. Rockford's logo can be spotted on local team jerseys (they also sponsor a variety of local cycling activities). Swing by for some coffee and watch the Tour de France and other bike races.

Durston Road

Location: 45.685585, -111.121475
Enjoy the smoothly-paved Durston Road, which was gravel until August of 2008.

Black Bull and Middle Creek Subdivisions

Location: 45.685647, -111.151600
Take advantage of the newly-paved roads (and non-existant traffic) that wind through these recently-platted subdivisions. Note: These roads won't show up on the map.

Four Corners

Location: 45.671164, -111.185761
Continue riding west through Four Corners, a growing, unincorporated community surrounding the intersection of US 191, MT 84, and MT 85. The intersection is busy, but the road's wide shoulders leave room to easily navigate.

Grain Elevator on River Road

Location: 45.677161, -111.211681
Pass an old grain elevator along what once was a spur of the Milwaukee Road (the train tracks are long gone).


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