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Las Vegas, NV: Bootleg Canyon, Caldera-Lake View Loop 

Next time you want to gamble in Vegas, try dropping 2,800 feet on hard-packed, single track moraine along this technical 10-miler in Bootleg Canyon.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 23 Jul 2008 7:29:05 PM
Activity: Mountain Biking
State: Nevada (NV)
Distance: 10.41 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 2873 ft
Total Loss: 2873 ft
Net Change: 0 ft
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Tags: Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Las Vegas, Nevada
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About 20 minutes from Las Vegas, Bootleg Canyon plays host to a world-class mountain biking park. Riders of all abilities can enjoy a selection of technical singletracks, rocky terrain, steep climbs, and wide, flowing cross country trails. This route, a 10-mile loop samples some of Bootleg’s intermediate cross country trails with optional access to some of its more thrilling downhill runs. From the upper parking lot, bear left on Skyline. This mile-long, exposed singletrack traverses Bootleg’s cliff faces. Hit two switchbacks and turn left on East Leg, a two-mile dual slalom run that ends with very steep, very narrow rock chute called Hour Glass—maybe the most technical spot on this ride. East Leg hurtles you out of the canyon toward the Lake View Loop (which affords stunning Lake Mead panoramas). After taking a right on the connector trail, make a left on Middle Lake View and begin to climb. Turn left at the top of the trail and merge onto Upper Lake View, a one-way intermediate track with loose topsoil and a G-out (a steep ditch dip that you’ll need big momentum to ride up clean). Adrenaline junkies can jump down the downhill tracks (Snakeback, Diva, G-String, Reaper, and Ginger) that run north-to-south across Lake View Loop. When you’ve had your fill of the loop, take a left on the same connector trail and turn right up Girlscout, the fastest and smoothest route back up the canyon. After passing the middle parking lot, conquer Caldera: a 4.75-mile loop of technical singletrack that traces a roller-coaster rim around volcanic rocks. Head south on Boyscout to head back to the upper parking lot: this trail is mostly climbing, but it is still easier than dragging your tired legs up Skyline.

-Mapped by Brent Thompson

Position Format: Datum:

Las Vegas, NV: Bootleg Canyon, Caldera-Lake View Loop

Distance: 10.41 mi Points: 1732
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Turn Left - From the upper parking lot, merge onto Skyline Then go 0.82 mi
2 0.82 mi Bear Left - Turn onto East Leg Then go 1.34 mi
3 2.16 mi Turn Right - Take the connector trail toward Lake View Loop Then go 0.04 mi
4 2.20 mi Turn Right - Turn off the connector trail Then go 0.12 mi
5 2.32 mi Turn Left - Head up Middle Lake View Then go 0.94 mi
6 3.26 mi Turn Left - Merge onto Upper Lake View, which is one-way Then go 1.19 mi
7 4.45 mi Turn Left - Take the connector trail over to Girlscout Then go 0.04 mi
8 4.48 mi Turn Right - Ride Girlscout up the canyon Then go 1.63 mi
9 6.11 mi Turn Left - Take the Caldera Outer Loop Then go 3.87 mi
10 9.99 mi Bear Right - Merge onto Boyscout and head toward the upper parking lot

Points of Interest

The Upper Parking Lot

Location: 35.999093, -114.861009
Turn left out of the Upper Parking Lot and merge onto Skyline Trail. Be cautious on this black diamond track. Skyline takes riders along the canyon's ridges and rocky outcroppings.

Skyline Trail

Location: 35.999093, -114.861009

East Leg

Location: 35.997469, -114.867060
Though it's an easy two-miler, East Leg finishes with an intense drop down the hour glass, a steep, narrow rock chute.

Connector Trail

Location: 35.984670, -114.861465
At the bottom of East Leg, turn right onto the connector trail, and then turn left off of it to continue towards Middle Lake View. At the bottom of Upper Lake View (one-way), turn left on the connector trail, and then turn right onto Girlscout (heading back up the canyon). Restrooms are accessible nearby; this facility would be an alternate start point for those not who prefer to ride up Bootleg rather than drive.

Drilling it down Lower Lake View

Location: 35.983155, -114.860526
Turn left on Middle Lake View. Option: Instead of turning onto Middle Lake View, the most popular way to take the Lake View Loop, continue past it and turn left on Lower Lake View.

Upper Lake View

Location: 35.991549, -114.852973
Turn left off of Middle Lake View onto Upper Lake View, which is one-way due to a G-out.

Upper Lake View overlooks Lake Mead

Location: 35.989605, -114.857469
Downhill riders and other expert mountain bikers turn left off Upper and ride down one of the downhill tracks: Snakeback, Diva, G-String, and Reaper. The downhill tracks go north-to-south and intersect the Lake View Loop. Bootleg's most famous downhill track, Ginger, also intersects the Lakeview Loop trails. However, this track is an expert-only ride. If you bike to the end of a downhill track and merge with Lower Lake View, watch for cars crossing the road as they head toward the lower parking lot.


Location: 35.984413, -114.862415
Less than 2 miles long, Girlscout cuts up the left side of the canyon and offers the quickest, smoothest route to the middle parking lot.

Hitting jumps on Girlscout

Location: 35.984413, -114.862415

Riding up Girlscout

Location: 35.990785, -114.870472

Caldera Loop

Location: 35.998008, -114.868026
Turn left off of Girlscout, merging onto Caldera. You will be on top of Bootleg Canyon. Caldera's outer loop is about 5 miles long, with a lot of quick uphill and downhill. It creates a semicircle around volcanic rocks that jut out of the canyon. Technically it can get a little challenging because of the rocks and loose soil on top of the hard-packed singletrack. Watch your speed.

Caldera Inner Loop

Location: 36.009048, -114.872661
Midway through Caldera Loop, you can cut your ride short by turning right on the connector trail to Caldera Inner Loop. The best way to ride the inner loop is clockwise. You'll ride over slick rock and a huge G-out that crosses Bootleg Wash. The end of Caldera Inner Loop meets up with Skyline and Boyscout.

Left onto Boyscout

Location: 36.001315, -114.863423
Boyscout Trail Turn left on Boyscout from Caldera Outer Loop


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