Havasupai Falls Summer 2005 

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Author: Bob Wold
Date: 23 Jul 2006 5:37:05 PM
Source: AllSport GPS on my T-Mobile BlackBerry phone
Activity: Backpacking
State: Arizona (AZ)
Distance: 10.35 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 2726 ft
Total Loss: 5184 ft
Net Change: -2457 ft
Difficulty: 8 / 10
Tags: Arizona, Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Supai
Rating:   1 rating(s) Rate it

This hike is my favorite so far… It’s a long haul, but it’s worth it. You park at the Havasupai hilltop, and either leave your stuff for a mule (which you arrange for ahead of time) or you carry it all in on your back. Then you proceed to hike for miles and miles until you make it to the Supai village, where you can buy some supplies, eat a warm meal, or just pass through, but whatever you do, you need to stop in and check in and pay the entry fee, and the nightly camping fees. Then you hike along the Havasupai Creek until it turns into Navajo Falls, follow it for a little further and it becomes Havasupai falls, then follow it to the campground. Past the camp ground it turns into the biggest falls, Mooney Falls. You can climb down a series of rocks and ladders, and swim at the bottom, or continue down to Beaver Falls, crossing the river three times to get there. You can actually follow the river all the way down to the Colorado, but I haven’t made it that far yet! ? This hike is really great, but practice first, it required a fair amount of strength and endurance. Also, bring extra cash… If you get hurt you can get flown out or ride a mule.

Position Format: Datum:


Distance: 10.35 mi Points: 415
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi

Points of Interest

Katie On the Rim

Location: 36.159813, -112.712334
Katie looks out over the Rim, What a sight! Tomorrow, we will be down there!© Bob Wold

Purple Sunset

Location: 36.160366, -112.710312
© Bob Wold

Sunset on The Rim

Location: 36.160091, -112.710388
What a sight. Though the camping conditions were uncomfortable at the rim, the sunset was great. © Bob Wold

Tent on the Rim

Location: 36.160091, -112.711220
This was where Katie camped at the Rim the night before we headed in. © Bob Wold

Sunset over the Canyon Skyline

Location: 36.160091, -112.711220
© Bob Wold

Havasu Falls

Location: 36.254101, -112.698059

Beaver Falls

Location: 36.281300, -112.729820


Location: 36.236889, -112.688789

Sun Shower

Location: 36.267143, -112.712914
© Bob Wold

Green Along the River

Location: 36.270420, -112.714073
© Bob Wold

Green Vines in the Canyon

Location: 36.270313, -112.715164
© Bob Wold

Canyon Views

Location: 36.207512, -112.700928
© Bob Wold

Canyon Contrast

Location: 36.196556, -112.706657
© Bob Wold

Geen Vines Along the Trail

Location: 36.205826, -112.702446
© Bob Wold

Hikers Under the Overhanging Canyon Wall

Location: 36.210377, -112.698227
© Bob Wold

Tall Walls

Location: 36.228577, -112.692833
© Bob Wold

Hiking Down the Ledge

Location: 36.221329, -112.692665
This is the Path down havasupia. It is a great hike. © Bob Wold

Reaching Vegitation

Location: 36.226891, -112.692665
After walking miles through scenic desert canyons, it is nice to see such green. You can hear the rive as you approach. © Bob Wold

Canyon Skyline

Location: 36.221161, -112.692329
The Canyon, reaching high above the green bellow. © Bob Wold

Long Reaching Canyon

Location: 36.211891, -112.697388
The canyon reaches as far as the eye can see. © Bob Wold

On Top of the World

Location: 36.160366, -112.710670
What a view! © Bob Wold

Tent in the Sunset

Location: 36.160091, -112.710388
The ground was tough, but the sunset was great! © Bob Wold

Green Canyon Walls in the Morning Mist

Location: 36.176544, -112.717331
© Bob Wold

Simple Canyon Walls

Location: 36.201702, -112.705223
© Bob Wold

Al on the Trail

Location: 36.201794, -112.705360
© Bob Wold

Katie and Chuck on the Trail

Location: 36.201843, -112.705406
© Bob Wold

Down the Cliffside

Location: 36.263180, -112.708466
© Bob Wold

Silloette by Falls

Location: 36.263279, -112.708504
© Bob Wold

Mooney Falls

Location: 36.263084, -112.708466
© Bob Wold

Exit Cave to Blue Water

Location: 36.263149, -112.708504
© Bob Wold

Katie Above Mooney Falls

Location: 36.263149, -112.708405
© Bob Wold

Havasu Falls from above 2

Location: 36.254368, -112.698181
© Bob Wold

Havasu Falls from above

Location: 36.254135, -112.698067
© Bob Wold

Walls over River Bed

Location: 36.204475, -112.704124
© Bob Wold

Hiking with the Canyon Above

Location: 36.198917, -112.704636
© Bob Wold

Interesting Rock Formations

Location: 36.213810, -112.695648
© Bob Wold

Dried River Bed

Location: 36.214043, -112.695740
© Bob Wold

Shade Tree over River Bed

Location: 36.224556, -112.692459
© Bob Wold

Chuck, Resting on the Trail

Location: 36.233334, -112.689316
© Bob Wold

Havasu Falls After a Muddy Flood

Location: 36.254261, -112.698166
© Bob Wold

Muddy Falls 2

Location: 36.254185, -112.698090
© Bob Wold

Muddy Falls 3

Location: 36.254105, -112.698250
© Bob Wold

Hualapai Hilltop Parking

Location: 36.159698, -112.709198

Building a Path for The Mules

Location: 36.217743, -112.692352
After a Major Flash flood, the mules weren't able to pass though the canyon leading out. We pulled together and build a stone ramp for the mules to use to pass. © Bob Wold

Building a Path for The Mules 2

Location: 36.217819, -112.692352
© Bob Wold


Location: 36.160458, -112.709206
There was way more wind than I expected at the rim... two tents were staked, and one was loaded with gear. The ground is pretty bad for stakes at the rim, so if you do use them, make sure you don't half-ass it. find some softer ground by noticing where plant grow, they like softer ground too. don't use sand, you might fly away in the middle ofthe night. :)© Bob Wold


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