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San Jose, CA: Sierra Road 

This quad-thumping, 15-mile loop charges up Sierra Road on winding country roads, revealing expansive views of Silicon Valley.

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Author: Russ Stevens
Date: 1 Feb 2008 12:32:28 PM
Source: AllSport GPS on my Nextel phone
Activity: Bicycling
State: California (CA)
Distance: 15.09 mi  (Change units)
Difficulty: 8 / 10
Tags: California, San Jose, Sierra Road, Silicon Valley
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

Start this loop along Piedmont Avenue for a brief warm up before the infamous climb up the steeps of Sierra Road. A relatively quiet, two-lane country road, Sierra starts out as a gradual climb, but quickly amps up to a grinding 10 percent grade. Along the way, expansive views of Silicon Valley reward, but the view from the Sierra Road summit is the real payoff. Glide down Felter Road, carefully navigating a few sharp turns that could be tricky at high speeds. Round out the ride with a relaxing spin down Calaveras Road and Piedmont Avenue. Note: Sierra Road is doable (but challenging) on a double. However, don’t be shy about using easier gear ratios if you have them.

-Mapped by Russ Stevens

Position Format: Datum:

San Jose, CA: Sierra Road

Distance: 15.09 mi Points: 228
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi

Points of Interest

Sierra's Summit

Location: 37.409301, -121.802115
2006 Tour of CA: The first riders reach the top

Piedmont Avenue

Location: 37.410324, -121.853314
2006 Tour of CA: Riders race down Piedmont. There is plenty of parking along Piedmont and residential side streets.

Sierra Road begins

Location: 37.399832, -121.846769
Turn left and star down the start of Sierra Rd. It's 3.7 miles from here to the top.

And Up They Go

Location: 37.400540, -121.844816
2006 Tour of CA: Peloton at the start of the climb.

Profile of Sierra Road

Location: 37.399832, -121.846769

2006 Tour of CA: Peloton starts the climb

Location: 37.401937, -121.841726
The grade on the first straightaway is fairly reasonable, but amps up soon after.

Silicon Valley from half way up Sierra Rd.

Location: 37.413255, -121.824732

Sierra Road Summit

Location: 37.409344, -121.802609
2006 Tour of CA: The Devil follows riders near the top of the climb

The Specialized Angel greets racers at the top of Sierra Rd.

Location: 37.409088, -121.801000

Calaveras Reservoir

Location: 37.432614, -121.805055

Ed Levin Park

Location: 37.447061, -121.850481
Ed Levin Park Water and restrooms are available.

Seasonal mustard flowers along Piedmont Rd.

Location: 37.433023, -121.864815


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