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Able Reservoir Kayak Paddle by Trekgeek 
Paddling: 9 Sep 2012 | 6 media points | 3.20 mi
Media Object Valerie and I had a wonderful 3.2 mile kayak paddle.
Westmoreland Family Kayak Paddle by Trekgeek 
Paddling: 7 Jul 2012 | 8 media points | 1.89 mi
Media Object A great paddle to Horsehead Cliffs with the family. We found 4 shark's teeth.
Old Rag Mountain by Trekgeek 
Hiking: 17 Oct 2011 | 21 media points | 9.38 mi
Media Object My friend John and I did the full circuit, up the ridge trail and down the saddle trail and fire road. John's first time on Old Rag.
24 Hour Bike Overnight, Day Two by Trekgeek 
Bicycling: 15 Oct 2011 | 7 media points | 29.31 mi
Media Object Day two of my 57 mile roundtrip bike overnight trip to Rappahannock Campground, Richardsville, VA. This is the return track and photos.
24 Hour Overnight Bicycle Trip, Day One by Trekgeek 
Bicycling: 14 Oct 2011 | 10 media points | 27.60 mi
Media Object An overnight bike trip from home to Rappahannock Campground in Richardsville, VA and back. 57 miles total in about 24 hours. This is Friday's outbound track and photos.

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Oh boy Oh boy  22 May 2009 | Actic Valley Trail
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