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Mountain Biking 7/6/2008 by _Becky 
Mountain Biking: 6 Jul 2008 | 15.34 mi
Mountain Biking 7/5/2008 by _Becky 
Mountain Biking: 5 Jul 2008 | 19.47 mi
CO Trail from Kennebec Pass by _Becky 
Mountain Biking: 4 Jul 2008 | 8 media points | 23.30 mi
Media Object A very narrow, mostly downhill ride starting at over 11,000' elevation and ending in town if you want to ride approximately 5 miles on the pavement. One BIG climb about 5 miles in. The first 1-1/2 miles of the climb are brutal, the next 3 miles are not b...
Maverick's Loop by _Becky 
Mountain Biking: 21 Jun 2008 | 2 media points | 5.69 mi
Media Object Maverick's Loop is part of the Boggy Draw trail system & is just as smooth, fun, easy and pretty. Connect Boggy Draw, Maverick's Loop and Italian Canyon.

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