About Trip Planner
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Plan your next outdoor adventure. Trip Planner is the easiest way to plan a trip, print maps, and share trip details with friends. In addition, you can instantly access all trips planned in Trip Planner in our popular apps: Trimble Outdoors Navigator (iPhone, Android) and MyTopo Maps (iPad, Android).
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Elite Members:
  • View 10 different map types: streets, aerial, topo and terrain.
  • Get exclusive access to 68,000 detailed MyTopo maps in US and Canada.
  • Drop waypoints on the map.
  • Search for trails, peaks, lakes, rivers and more.
  • Use the Ruler to measure distance between two points.
  • Draw tracks in 3 different modes (freehand, point-to-point, follow streets)
  • Add photos, videos, and YouTube links
  • Import GPS files (.GPX) or upload files from your Garmin Device
  • Print maps on your home printer
  • See GPS grids (lat/long, UTM)
  • Order custom printed topos and aerial from MyTopo
  • Send trips to Google Earth (KML, KMZ)
  • Access trips from the Trimble Outdoors Cloud.
  • Send trips to our smartphone app and tablet app.
  • Privately share trips with friends

Elite Members
In addition to the powerful planning tools, Elite Members get instant access to realtime Weather Maps and color-coded Public Land Maps in the Trip Planner. Try Elite for 14 Days.
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