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Backpacker Gps Trails

Turn your smartphone into the ultimate GPS navigation device. Map and share your adventures and access thousands of BACKPACKER magazine trips.

Backpacker GPS Trails Lite BackPacker LE

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Never Get Lost

  • Track your location with GPS.
  • Find your way while hiking, backpacking, biking, hunting or exploring the backcountry.
  • View street, aerial-satellite, hybrid, topo, terrain, and outdoor maps.
  • Download offline maps and helpful map layers.
  • Go anywhere: No cell towers required.
  • Runs on iPhone and Android phones.
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Collect Data

  • Mark waypoints and collect tracks.
  • Capture photos and videos.
  • See trip stats.
  • View digital compass.
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View Expedition Quality Maps

Unlimited access to 68,000 high-quality, seamless US and Canada topographic maps, and worldwide terrain maps. View aerial and satellite photos and street maps. Store maps on the phone for offline viewing in the backcountry and faster load times off the grid.
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Navigate with confidence

GPS Trails is the ultimate navigator for backpacking trips, dayhiking excursions and all your activities like trail running and mountain biking. Mark and go to waypoints such as campsites, trailheads, important turns and more. GPS Trails works in remote places like national parks, wilderness areas, and backcountry spots — without relying on data and cell signals!
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Geo-tag your media

Take pictures, audio, videos and personal notes that get placed right on the map for an exciting trip report. Instantly share your backcountry adventures online at and on Facebook or YouTube.
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Plan New Adventures

Find BACKPACKER editor-approved PRO Trips in National Parks and near major cities right from the app. Plan your own trips on our web-based trip editor on or our trip planning iPad app, BACKPACKER Map Maker. Our free trip cloud allows you to access trips from any computer or device.
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Get Published

Every month the editors at Backpacker handpick adventures shared by its online community to be published in the magazine. Kickstart your adventure writing and photography career with GPS Trails.

Android - Screen shots on Android phones

Backpacker Gps Trails main menu screen Backpacker Gps Trails map screen Backpacker Gps Trails stats screen

iPhone - Screen shots on the Apple iPhone

Backpacker Gps Trails iPhone splash screen Backpacker Gps Trails iPhone Bundle details Backpacker Gps Trails iPhone compass screen

Feature Android iPhone
Maps & Navigation
Shows My GPS Location
Records Your Track/Path
Mark Waypoints
Digital Compass
Aerial Maps
Street Maps
Topographical Maps
Hybrid Maps
Terrain Maps
Save maps on phone for use in remote areas
Navigate to Waypoints
Display Latitude/Longitude Coordinates (DD, DM, DMS)
Display UTM Coordinates
Display WGS 84 Map Datum
Display NAD 27 Map Datum
Trip Stats
Active Time
Average Speed/Pace
Bearing to Next Waypoint
Compass Direction
Distance (mi Or km)
Distance to Next Waypoint
Elevation Gain/Loss/Net
Max Speed
Total Time
Media Collection
Geo-tagged Photos (phone camera required)
Geo-tagged Videos (phone camera required)
Geo-tagged Audio (phone mic required)
Social Media Sharing
Share Trips on Facebook
Share Trips on Twitter
Share Videos on YouTube
Other Features
In-app Trip Search
Save Trips to Cloud on
Send Pre-planned Trips from Web to Phone
Send Community Trips from Web to Phone
In-app Pro Trip Purchases
View Trips Online

* Pro Feature = Available in the paid for version only.

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Reviews - Here are some reviews about the Backpacker GPS Trails phone application.

Quotes Awesome app. Use it every weekend. Does a great job keeping up with all my hikes and is pretty accurate on finding hiking trails.”

- Android Market review

Quotes Great topos for obscure locales! NW Iowa? Yes! Rural UP of Michigan? Yup! Great app!.”

- Android Market review

Quotes This app does exactly what I was looking for, something to simply tell me how far I walked, and how long it took. That gave it 4 stars. Then I found that you could review your walking path in a Google Earth type overview. Very cool. Extra star for that.”

- Android Market review

Quotes Very nice much simpler than my Garmin eTrex...and you can’t beat the price.”

- Apple App Store review

Quotes Buy this app. It is awesome. Love tracking my trails, and the GPS is very accurate.”

- Apple App Store review