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Navigate the Outdoors

GPS. Compass. This app helps you navigate on outdoor trails, paddling routes and off-roading adventures. Mark and go to waypoints such as campsites, trailheads, important turns and more.

Trimble Outdoors Navigator uses the GPS built into your phone and works in remote areas without a cellular or data signal.
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View Detailed Maps

Get instant access to over 68,000 topo maps in the U.S. and Canada. View aerial and satellite photos and street maps. Plus, save maps onto your device for offline viewing.
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Collect Media

Take geo-tagged pictures, audio, videos and personal notes to create an exciting trip report. Share your backcountry adventures online at and on Facebook or YouTube.
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Track Stats

See 10+ adventure stats, including:
  • Distance traveled
  • Elevation gain/loss
  • Speed
  • Compass bearing
  • And many more
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Scout New Adventures

Search for your next adventures on With an Elite membership, plan your trip with our powerful online Trip Planner tool, or use our trip planning tablet app, Trimble Outdoors MyTopo Maps. Our free trip cloud allows you to access trips from any computer or device.

quotes Beyond expectations. Easy to use. Worth much more than you pay.”

- Android Market review

Android - Screen shots on Android phones

Trimble Outdoors Navigator Android map screen Trimble Outdoors Navigator Android main menu screen Trimble Outdoors Navigator Android stats screen

iPhone - Screen shots on the Apple iPhone

Trimble Outdoors Navigator iPhone map packs screen Trimble Outdoors Navigator iPhone compass screen Trimble Outdoors Navigator iPhone splash screen

Feature Android iPhone
Maps & Navigation
Shows My GPS Location
Records Your Track/Path
Mark Waypoints
Digital Compass
Aerial Maps
Street Maps
Topographical Maps
Hybrid Maps
Terrain Maps
Save maps on phone for use in remote areas
Navigate to Waypoints
Display Latitude/Longitude Coordinates (DD, DM, DMS)
Display UTM Coordinates
Display WGS 84 Map Datum
Display NAD 27 Map Datum
Weather Maps Elite Elite
Public Land Overlays Elite Elite
Trip Stats
Active Time
Average Speed/Pace
Bearing to Next Waypoint
Compass Direction
Distance (mi Or km)
Distance to Next Waypoint
Elevation Gain/Loss/Net
Max Speed
Total Time
Media Collection
Geo-tagged Photos (phone camera required)
Geo-tagged Videos (phone camera required)
Geo-tagged Audio (phone mic required)
Social Media Sharing
Share Trips on Facebook
Share Trips on Twitter
Share Videos on YouTube
Other Features
In-app Trip Search
Save Trips to Cloud on
Send Pre-planned Trips from Web to Phone
Send Community Trips from Web to Phone
In-app Pro Trip Purchases
View Trips Online

* Pro Feature = Available in the paid for version only.
** Elite = Available to Elite members. Elite members also receive all PRO features.

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Reviews - Here are some reviews about the Trimble Outdoors Navigator phone application.

quotes Throw the idea of buying a Garmin out the window. This software rules. Completely user-friendly and extremely affordable.”

- Android Market review

quotes The application does everything it says it does, and it does it very well with an ease.”


quotes Great app! Very easy to use, good collection of data to view after a trip, favorite part is the geo-tagged photos and video!”

- Android Market review

Support for Trimble Outdoors Navigator

Become Elite Today
Supercharge your Trimble Outdoors Navigator app by becoming an Elite member. Benefits include:
  • Unlimited downloads of our Digital Map Bundles for your favorite state, county or national park
  • View Public Land overlays for 46 states
  • View detailed Weather Maps
  • Save maps onto your device for viewing without needing a data signal
  • Save 20% on custom MyTopo maps ordered from app
  • See waypoint as UTM coordinates
  • See coordinates in NAD 27 datum
  • No more ads within your app
In addition, Elite members also get the powerful Trip Planner tool online at to plan their next outdoor adventure.