Offline Topo Maps

Download topo maps by the county, park, wilderness area, or hunt unit directly into your smartphone or tablet. Once installed, you can view these maps off-the-grid. No cell towers required.

Create Offline Map Packs

Need other map types for viewing off-the-grid? Use the Map Pack tool in our mobile apps to download aerial-satellite images, hybrid maps, street maps, and topo maps. Once installed, you can view these custom map packs without a cell or data signal.

View Public Land Boundaries

Overlay color-coded public land boundaries onto maps in our mobile app and in our Trip Planner tool on Land types included: public lands, monuments, national forests, national wildlife refuges, national parks, state lands, military land, Bureau of Reclamation land, and Indian reservations.

View Updated Forest Roads

Can I drive that forest road with my truck or car? Is that dirt road open? Let our Forest Road overlays help. See 4-wheel drive, ATV, and dirt road overlays in our apps and in our Trip Planner tool at

Our coverage currently includes dirt roads for 142 National Forests in 31 states and BLM lands in 3 states (AZ, NV, WY). Check out which dirt roads are open for cars or 4-wheel drive vehicles, which dirt roads are closed, and which dirt roads are no longer maintained by land managers.

View Real-Time Weather Maps

Should you pack a rain jacket or extra sun screen? Before you head outside, consult our interactive weather maps. Check the Doppler radar and recent satellite images for brewing storms. Turn on wind speed and temperature maps to see conditions at different altitudes.

These weather maps load into our mobile apps and in the Trip Planner tool on Note: A Wifi or data connection is required for real-time weather maps.

View Hunt Unit Boundaries

Your hunting permit has (finally!) arrived. But where are the Game Management Unit (GMU) boundaries? We got you covered. Overlay GMU borders onto the maps in your mobile app. We have border details for more than 2,000 hunt units in 11 Western States (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, and WY).

Coming soon: See hunt unit borders in Trip Planner on

Trip Planner

Plan your next trip on your PC or Mac at With Trip Planner, you can:

  • View topo maps, satellite-aerial images, street maps, and hybrid maps
  • Mark waypoints
  • Draw routes and tracks
  • Measure distances with the ruler tool
  • Import GPS files from Garmin units and other GPS units
  • Export GPX and Google Earth KML files
  • Print navigation-ready maps at home
  • Sync trips between mobile devices
  • Privately share trips/GPS info with friends

Print Maps at Home

Print unlimited navigation-ready maps on a personal printer. Highlights include:

  • Print 6 Map Types

    Choose from 6 different map types: Topo, Aerial-Satellite,cl Hybrid, Street, Terrain, and Aerial-NAIP.

  • Add Map Overlays

    Add map overlays to your printed map: Public Lands, Lake Contours, and updated Forest Roads.

  • Compatible with Compass & GPS

    Add Lat/Long or UTM grids to use your map along with your compass, GPS unit, or GPS-enabled mobile app like Trimble Outdoors Navigators. Each map also has a compass rose with True North and Magnetic North.

  • Pick Paper Size and Format

    Print your map in landscape or portrait format. Select from 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17” paper sizes.

  • Share Printed Maps

    Export maps in PDF format and share with friends.

Trimble Outdoors Trip Cloud

No cords required. The Trip Cloud automatically and wirelessly syncs waypoints and routes created in Trip Planner to your smartphone and tablet. Trip collected in our mobile apps also auto-sync to your account on

MyTopo Discounts

Get 20% off custom printed map orders at, a sister company to Trimble Outdoors.

Order a custom printed map for your next outing. Or, create a glossy print of a favorite park, cabin, ranch or mountain range to hang on the wall. These custom maps complement the digital topos in our smartphone and tablet apps, so you can use an app in the field along with a matching paper map.

Just hit the Custom Map icon in the Trip Planner tool to begin your map. Then on, choose the paper type (glossy, waterproof), map scale, and map size (18" x 24" to 5' x 8'). Your custom map is printed and shipped within 24 hours.

Boost Your App

Unlock more tools and exclusive maps in the Trimble Outdoors apps. Save offline topo maps. Create your own offline maps using satellite-aerial images and street maps. See helpful map overlays. Capture videos and tag their location on a map. Get access to more GPS coordinate formats. And, never see banner ads.

View Lake Maps

Find prime fish spots without expensive electronics. Consult 10-foot depth contours for more than 6,900 lakes in the U.S. See these lake maps in these apps: Trimble Outdoors Navigator and MyTopo Maps. Plus, view lake maps and print lake maps at home from our Trip Planner tool on See our full list of lakes with under-water contours:

View Private Lands on Mobile

With a Platinum Membership, you can view private land details on your smartphone and tablet. You pick the state you want private land maps and details. View private land boundaries, see acreage info, and view landowner details. Private land maps are downloaded into your app and can be viewed without a cell or data connection too.

View Private Lands on

With a Platinum Membership, you can view private land details in the Trip Planner on You pick the state you want private land maps and details. View private land boundaries, see acreage info, and view landowner details.

Print Maps with Private Land

With a Platinum Membership, you can print maps at home with private property lines. Overlay private property lines onto topo maps, aerial-satellite images, street maps, and hybrid maps.

Own maps forever

When you buy a memory card with Off-The-Grid Maps, you own the maps on that card forever. Upgrading to a new phone? No problem. Transfer your maps over to your new device. You also get access to 1 free private land update for your state within one-year of purchase. If applicable, you also get 1 free hunt unit update for your state within one year of purchase too.

Side-Load Maps onto Device

Download maps without a Wifi or data connection. With a memory card, you don’t need to download maps over-the-air before you go. Android users: Just insert the microSD card into your device. iPhone and iPad users: Drag-and-drop map files into iTunes on your computer then sync your device.

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Get access to offline maps and more powerful tools to help guide you in the field.

Elite Membership

View maps anywhere—no cell towers required.
  • Offline access to maps on mobile.
  • Download topo maps by county, park or hunt unit (where available).
  • Enhanced map overlays: Public Lands, Forest Roads, Weather Maps.
  • Trip Planner: Plan trips, sync GPS data & print maps at home on

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PLATinum Membership

Private land details for an entire state.
  • All of Trimble Outdoors Elite.
  • See private property lines, & landowner info on mobile.
  • Download offline private lands in mobile apps.
  • Trip Planner Upgrade: View private land details on

Off-The-Grid Maps (Memory Card)

Statewide maps pre-loaded into a memory card.
  • All of Trimble Outdoors Platinum (1-year access).
  • Own maps forever.
  • microSD Card with statewide topo maps, public & private lands.
  • Side-load maps onto iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Elite Membership

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Memory Card

Download USGS topos by county, park, and hunt unit.
Create Offline Map Packs in Mobile App.
View Public Land boundaries.
View Updated Forest Roads.
View Real-time Weather Maps.
View Hunt Unit boundaries.
Trip Planner: Plan trips, draw trails, mark points, import GPS files.
Print Maps at Home.
Trimble Outdoors Cloud: Sync trips between devices.
MyTopo Discounts: 20% off custom printed map orders.
Access more GPS features and tools in our mobile apps.
View lake maps.
Download Private Lands for specific state into Mobile App.
View Private Lands for specific state in Trip Planner.
Print Maps at Home with Private Lands for specific state.
Own maps on microSD card forever.
Side-load maps into mobile devices.
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